7 reasons why you STILL need a business phone system in the age of social media

Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on social media when it comes to all walks of life. This includes your business life, personal life and social life. But, honestly, there comes a time when you need to focus on different aspects of communication. Social media can become very overwhelming, especially in such a saturated market. So, if you have a business, you should consider utilising a business phone as well as your social media platforms – and here are 7 reasons why.

Specific demographics

It’s important to understand that not everyone is going to be able to use social media to speak to you and your staff. Although you will be able to target young adults and older adults, if your main target audience are the elderly or retired, you may find that you will isolate them if you fully rely on social media. Try to keep your communication routes flexible, such as by incorporating a Horizon Hosted phone system.

Personal touches

When you speak to people through social media, sometimes you can come off as a bit robotic, especially if you are answering commenters on your timeline. If you have a business phone, you can personalise what you say to people! This can make your customers feel more heard.

Simpler to use

Setting up a social media account can be complicated, especially if you need a wide range of staff on the job ready to monitor it. Having a business phone system can simplify the communication process, as well as make it more reliable for customers to contact you, especially if you use VoIP software to enhance your calling system.


Have you heard those catchy jingles on the TV that display a phone number? That’s how memorable you can make your brand! Nowadays, everyone has a social media page, but a phone number is still very personal to a business. By speaking to someone on the phone, it’s more likely that the advice provided will be more memorable than if it was provided by someone over social media.


The majority of VoIP systems are actually quite cheap to run compared to a landline service. Instead of being attached to a landline, most of the systems can run off-site. Therefore, you will find it easier to maintain and it will not require a specialist to fix.


Having a business landline will provide your company a little extra flair when people phone in to speak with you. Anyone can have a social media page, but having a professional business line will show that you are an established brand.


A business phone system will allow your employees to speak to other employees within their building without even having to leave their desks! If the people they need to work with are in different areas, this will make it easier to talk through documents.

Are you ready to use your business phone system

Having a business phone system is extremely useful, but don’t forget to combine it with social media pages. That way you can give your customers all of the flexibility needed to get in touch with you.

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