How Social Commerce CRM Helps Companies Improve

Music_in_social_mediaSocial commerce CRM is an important tool for companies to improve their interactions with customers and to follow the latest consumer trends.

In the past, focusing on improving customer service depended a great deal on in-person communication, with phone service also playing a sizeable role. Nowadays, the best way for companies to improve their customer relations and engage with buyers is through social media. That is where the importance of social ecommerce CRM software comes into play. With social CRM, companies have the ability to streamline their social media services and better track how customers are responding to their tactics.

A social CRM system works in tandem with your regular CRM software, by adding the ability to use social media effectively and efficiently. A regular CRM system works by adding customer contacts into a directory, tracking the progress of each interaction with a customer and keeping relevant details to improve future performance. CRM also helps with automating a number of tasks, reducing the time frame for companies completing certain interactions.

What is Social CRM?

Think of social CRM as the best way to use the data readily available through social media and to link this data with a regular CRM platform. With the social commerce CRM software, companies use traditional CRM analysis and practices that are geared towards social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and even Instagram. Do not think of this as a replacement for other CRM software, but as a welcome addition to improve a company’s customer service department. It is a tool to interact with customers who do not call, email or speak with the company in-person.

The beauty of social CRM software is that it gives companies a chance to improve their targeted marketing towards certain customers, especially if their products and services only appeal to a narrow audience. Social CRM software also lets them analyze the data gained from current and previous social media interactions, identifying potential mistakes, inefficiencies and new opportunities.

It is best to get social CRM software that works in conjunction with your current CRM platform. This will ensure that you do not have to give up any features in the regular platform. Instead, you are easily adding these new features to help broaden your customer service horizons to social media and other online avenues.

How Does Social CRM Help a Company?

Companies are able to use social CRM software to carefully curate a social media campaign or promotion to better communicate with potential and current customers. This software also improves a company’s interaction with customers, and gives them the ability to track current trends and consumer preferences. It is now commonplace for people to put product reviews online, or share their experiences with a company’s customer service department.

Think about it from this perspective – it is a lot easier to communicate with customers through social CRM software. If someone bought a product from you, or visited your place of business and received a service, you want to communicate with them regarding any issues they may have encountered. This is easily done through social networks such as Twitter, as opposed to them sending a complaint via email or regular mail. With social media, you can respond to a customer’s complaints or concerns immediately. It also highlights your company’s commitment to customer service to the whole world, because most social media posts are available for public viewing.

Important Features of Social CRM Software

1. Extensive Social Media Support – Some CRM software only has barebones support for social networks. You might be able to post on all networks from one account, but other key features are missing. For example, a number of social CRM software does not have the ability to analyze the social media trends and interactions your company experiences. This makes it effectively useless at giving you the necessary information to improve your company’s methods.

2. Monitoring Trends and Reactions – Similar to analytics, companies need the ability to see how the market is reacting to a new product, promotion or sale. With the proper trend monitoring features, social CRM software allows companies to see exactly how customers react to their latest ideas.

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