The Boom of Serviced Offices – Do They Harm Your Image or Help You Grow?

frerferfrewfServiced offices have become extremely popular due to their huge range of benefits, including high-tech equipment, no maintenance costs, and flexibility. However, some businesses are wary about using them as they feel it could damage their reputation. So, could serviced offices harm your company’s image or help your venture to grow?

Why are they becoming so popular?

Without a doubt, the main reason serviced offices are becoming a really popular choice for today’s businesses is their cost saving benefits. When you rent a traditional office space, typically you have all kinds of costs to worry about, like business rates, utilities, additional services and deposits. You are also tied into a monthly rental contract for a set period of time. So, if your business goes downhill, you will still need to find the funds to pay for the rental. Then there is also the cost of kitting out the office with furniture and equipment to match your business needs.

With serviced office space, typically you only pay as and when you need it. You are not tied into a costly contract and the best thing is they are already fully equipped with everything you might need. So, in terms of affordability and flexibilities, serviced offices are definitely an option worth looking into.

The benefits of a virtual office

Perhaps you have just started your business and are unsure what space you need, or simply do not fancy relocating to another physical temporary office location? If this is the case, then there is a great alternative – The virtual office.

Virtual offices come with an array of benefits, providing a legitimate and credible address for your business, and often come with the use of communal or meeting and conference rooms. This allows you to work cheaply from your home, without compromising on the impression your business portrays when meeting potential clients.

Furthermore, companies like BE Offices offer fantastic virtual office spaces which could save you a fortune, particularly if you are based in London where renting or buying business premises can cost a large sum. In addition, these virtual offices allow you to maintain the available cash flow needed to grow your business, before you need to purchase actual premises.

One fantastic benefit of this, is the fact that some of these virtual office providers, actually refund you the money you have paid once you transition into a physical location. However, this only applies if you rent or purchase a physical workspace through the same company. It stands to reason that they are not going to refund you everything you have paid for a virtual office if you decide to rent or buy property elsewhere.

Should you choose serviced or virtual?

So, what can a virtual office space do for you? Well, they give you an actual impressive address which customers and clients can send their correspondence to. They save you money and they come with literally everything you need to offer a professional, efficient service. They also provide the time needed to grow your business and find out how much space is needed before committing to a lease or purchase.

But what about serviced offices? Overall, it is hard to deny that serviced offices are definitely worth considering. Far from hurting the image, they help to set your business apart from your competitors by ensuring you have the latest, high-tech equipment and tools at your fingertips. They can do wonders for your brand’s image and most importantly, can save you plenty of money, as there are no hidden costs.

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