Why Running a Business From Home Can Now Look Just as Professional as Having an Office Address

These days people are just as open to running a start up business enterprise from home as to leasing an office space and running their business from there. There are all kinds of benefits to doing this, and thanks to shifts in what customers and clients expect when they think of a business, there is no longer the same stigma of amateurishness associated with having no real business premises.

Running Your Business From Home Means You Have More Freedom In Terms of Who You Work With

With the ability to manage things remotely and communicate over the web, people are given the option to work with people in all kinds of physical locations, and this means there is a lot more flexibility in terms of who you can hire and how competitive prices for services can be. This means you may well end up with a workforce that is spread all over the country, or even the world, with everybody benefiting from not having to commute every day! Having no office means everybody is able to work in the way that suits them best, but you can do things like enforce working hours that suit your own (or your main customer base’s) time zone, so you have a handle on who is available and when.

Running Your Business from Home is More Efficient

Running your business from home means you do not have any cost overhead for office space, which is generally something that makes no difference to your customers. By saving money here, you can pass savings on to the people who buy from you or use your services, and be more competitive than rivals with a more traditional and therefore expensive office solution. You will also save huge amounts of time, with nobody wasting productive hours traveling to and from your offices – all of your workers can be productive as soon as they roll out of bed! You also won’t find yourself let down by staff as often due to things like childcare problems. With better efficiency and productivity, you’ll have a leaner and better business.

Keeping a Professional Image

While there are loads of good reasons not to have an office, there are a few things that can be thrown up as problems when you work this way. You don’t, for example, want to have your home address as your publicly available corporate address, because this infringes on your privacy. Additionally, there may be times when you do want a facility where you can hold face to face meetings, for example to interview potential staff or pitch to clients or investors, and for this you will not want people coming to your home as it looks less professional. You can get virtual office and mailing address solutions when you actually form your business if you use the right kind of package from a specialist like Your Company Formations, which will handle these things for you without you needing to actually lease an office as an HQ.

Running a business from home is a great way to go, as long as you make use of services that will help negate the small drawbacks.

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