“The New Electricity”: why high-speed internet connectivity is crucial to businesses

Whether you’re a start-up, fresh and eager with new ideas, or a decade-old conglomerate, there’s no question that – within high-speed internet – lies the key to commercial success. Let’s say, for example,  you are coding a website for a client and your connection freezes…Now you can’t finish the necessary work and you run the risk of not only displeasing your client, but losing them altogether.

Rest assured, a strong broadband connection is non-debatable.

“The New Electricity” can preserve the years of hard work you’ve put into your enterprise, leaving you one less thing to worry about in an already worrisome world. Let us tell you exactly why high-speed connectivity is absolutely crucial to your business.

Flexible working is the future

With the pandemic still present in our minds, many of us have adapted quite well to flexible ‘stay-at-home’ working. Not only do we have an increased work-life balance, we’re much happier! Reaping the benefits of extended time with family and friends has never been more evident.

In saying this, however, how do you keep staff productive at home, when flexible working is the future? The answer is simple; If you provide your workforce with high-speed internet connectivity alongside a VPN, they can easily work to a high pace of productivity from anywhere in the world – home, office, even abroad.

There’s no reason why, with the right bandwidth, your employees can’t keep in contact with headquarters – regardless of whether they are 10 or 100 miles away. With The New Electricity, you can stay ahead of the commercial curve with high-speed internet connectivity.

Employees’ productivity

The core purpose of any business is to make a profit, and that means you’ve targets on the profit you’d want to get at the end of a trading period. That means every employee must work towards attaining the company goals. Faster speeds mean that the employees have an easy time and can achieve a lot in a short span. Frequent downtimes will therefore mean that lots of money will go to the drain. High bandwidth speed will allow your employees to meet set deadlines, connect with potential clients, suppliers, backup information, and collaborate with co-workers easily. The employees will find it easy to develop and implement innovative ideas. Therefore, a fast and secure network is and should be the ultimate goal of any serious business entity.


In today’s fast-paced market, you can’t afford to have an unreliable internet connection. Your website is a marketing tool that brings business to your direction, and that is only possible if you’ve got a fast, reliable, and secure connection. To determine the bandwidth that will give you the best services, you must first identify the number of gadgets you want to be connected to your network. You will also need to consider the number/ types of apps and programs being run regularly.

Video conferencing

With more people adopting remote working, your company must adopt a reliable network that will allow for frequent meetings, and that’s only possible through videoconferencing. This can only work efficiently and effectively when you’re a fast internet connection. You need some fast bandwidth speed so that you’ve important information flowing during the conference call.

A modern office: more than just a desktop

Many businesses think of their internet requirements solely in relation to their workstations, but the offices of today are far more than just a desktop. They are laptops, printers, tablets… even your work telephone can operate from a high-grade bandwidth.

After all, we are in the technological age. It makes sense that our workspaces would keep up with our high rate of development – even if that means your usual bandwidth no longer ‘cuts the mustard.’ If this is so, consider investing in higher-speed internet, and you’ll soon see the merits of an office that can match the most modern of competitors.

Compete with the corporations

Speaking of competitors… high-speed internet connectivity places small businesses on an equal standing with larger corporations. When you don’t have to wait for websites, coding or important documents to load, why shouldn’t you be able to keep pace with sizable companies?

Join the 16% of businesses with speeds of 100Mbps or more and watch – at home or away – as your company goes from strength to strength, growing at the hand of high-speed internet connectivity.

At the end of the day…

Don’t wrestle with a workplace where the internet is always ‘on the blink’. Get work done with flexible workplaces in London from BE Offices. Here, high-speed internet is brought straight to your door – with a connectivity that could rival the most advanced of headquarters. Unite with the swathes of companies on the rise, all thanks to super-fast bandwidth.

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