Should You Choose a New Internet Provider?

network-cableIf you’ve been considering choosing a new internet service provider, you may want to switch over during the new year.

The new year often brings with it many fantastic promotions that can make it worthwhile to switch to a new internet service provider, especially if you are unsatisfied with the offerings of your current ISP. There are a few things you should consider when deciding on whether and how to choose a high speed internet provider.

The Pros of Choosing a New ISP

There are many new promotions that you can take advantage of when choosing a new ISP, many of which will allow you to get better cable and internet service at a lower cost. There many be new high speed service providers in your area now that weren’t there when you initially started your service, and you may be able to achieve faster speeds through a new service.

Many new ISPs now have their own streaming video services, which allows you to select from the channels and networks that you usually watch. You may even be able to cancel your Netflix and Hulu accounts with the right streaming video service.

The costs of services tend to go down over time, and sticking with your old service might simply leave you with a service that is no longer priced correctly. You may be paying more for less simply because that is the amount that you signed up for. Choosing a new ISP gives you the ability to find exactly what you need now, rather than stay with the same cable, internet or phone service that you chose years ago.

The Cons of Choosing a New ISP

Choosing a new ISP can sometimes be more expensive initially because of the fees that are accrued during the first month. Some will acquire you to purchase their equipment, there will be installation costs and there will be new line setup costs. Together, this can easily add up to a significant amount. You will need to factor in these costs when considering how much money a new service provider will truly save you. Sometimes, you may find that you will only break even or that you will end up with a service that is very similar to your own. There is one way to avoid this. You can always call your ISP and let them know that you’re considering switching to another service. Often, you may be able to get a better deal this way.

How to Choose a High Speed Internet Provider

When choosing an ISP, you may want to consider the availability first. As noted in Lifehacker, not all ISPs are available in all areas and not all ISPs offer the same services in different areas. After this, you will want to consider the posted speeds, the costs, special features and the reliability of the service. Online reviews may be able to help you determine the best possible system.

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