What Are the Different Services an Accountant Can Provide to Your Business?

computerIt is not always easy running a business. In fact, it can become even more tedious when you must manage your finances. There are so many tasks for you to complete that your day may start very early and end very late. This is one of the reasons why business owners choose to hire assistants who can help them in certain aspects of their business.

If you need help managing your finances, the Maryville University online accounting degree graduates can teach you everything you need to know to ensure that all of your financial records are in order and everything is running smoothly.

You can choose to hire an accountant to work in your business full-time, or you can outsource tasks and projects as necessary. Most accountants offer a variety of services, so you will need to ensure the accountant you hire can deliver results that meet your expectations. The following are some services a professional accountant should be confident in.

Payroll Preparation

The employees are the wheels that keep your business running smoothly. They should be paid what they are owed. An accountant can help you keep a record of your employees’ wages. The accountant will also handle the taxes and deductions so you will be able to focus on other areas of your business.

Accountants can also assist you with financial statements and payroll taxes, as well as help you deal with any inquiries about either.


One of the most basic skills in accounting is bookkeeping, and it includes tasks like:

  • Maintaining financial journals
  • Recording financial transactions
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Maintaining sales ledgers

Bookkeeping is critical for businesses because it helps with the daily operation of the business by ensuring all the finances are in check.

Tax Preparation and Advice

Due to ever changing tax laws, this can be a tricky area for any business owner. One of a professional accountant’s responsibilities is to stay up to date with any changes. This will help your business stay compliant so you can avoid penalties and fines.

When you get the right tax advice from an accountant, your business may be able to lower the amount of taxes you owe using deductions, tax relief strategies and benefits. You may be able to claim some of your tax back depending on the circumstances. By hiring an accountant, your business will always meet deadlines for tax returns.


Depending on the type of business you own and the size of the business, it will be a requirement that your business gets audited. If you hire an accountant who can conduct an audit, you will have a very valuable member on your team.

The accountant will help you meet regulatory compliance; they will compare and analyze financial statements as well as gather all the necessary financial information for the audit. The results from the audit will help you gauge what direction your business will need to go in, and what can be done to better your business.

The services your business get from an accountant will be based on the experience of the accountant you hire. Be sure you choose an accountant that is not only qualified with an online bachelors of accounting, but one that you can trust to handle your sensitive financial information.

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