How to Look Great on Your First Day at the Office After Months of Lockdown

For some people, it has been months since they last saw their colleagues. Many companies decided to shut down to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, working from home became the norm. Now that this pandemic is almost over, it’s time to prepare to get back to a regular office. For some, it’s terrible news, but many others are excited about it. If you’re one of them, these tips will help you look good as you begin working in an office again.

Eat healthily

Given the lockdown, you might have gained weight. You didn’t give enough thought to what you ate. Since you’re heading back to the office, it might be time to start eating healthily. However, you have to look at it not only as a way of losing weight but also of staying healthy. The lack of movement over the past months was already unhealthy. Being more cautious of your diet is necessary.

Get enough sleep

Since you’ve been working from home, you didn’t get enough sleep. There were times when you sleep late because your schedule is too flexible. You should get enough rest since you have to get back to regular work. You don’t want to look exhausted due to your lack of sleep. Create a new schedule that will become a routine.

Wear the right clothes

Since you have to work from home, you don’t care about what to wear. Even during online meetings, you were wearing casual clothes. In the office, you can no longer do the same. It might be time to prepare your office clothes again. Check which of them still fit and if you need to buy new ones. You might also consider having a fitted wardrobe. It allows you to organise all your clothes. If you’ve been busy shopping online during the lockdown, it’s more challenging to organise your clothes. A new wardrobe will solve the problem.

Be optimistic

If you want to look good at work, you need an optimistic spirit. You will have a natural glow, and your colleagues will notice it. Besides, we’ve been dealing with a terrible health crisis for a while. It’s time to shift our attention and try to be more positive in life. You might have to readjust your schedule, but it shouldn’t affect your appearance.

Have a makeover

You will notice drastic changes in your call leagues after months of not seeing each other. If you want them to feel surprised by your appearance, you can have a makeover. As long as you still follow the office protocols, there’s nothing wrong with these changes. Perhaps, you can cut your hair or wear a different shade of makeup.

Going back to work for the first time after many months feels like being at school on day one. You might feel anxious about it, but you can get through that feeling. Don’t forget to be thankful about surviving the health crisis and having the chance to get back to a regular office again.

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