Top Vape Beginner Tips

Making the transition from the traditional tobacco based cigarettes to vapors is not necessarily a walk in the park. It is advised that smokers should transition to vapors if they intend to keep smoking due to the fact that vapors are far much safer (and interesting) compared to the traditional tobacco based cigarettes. However, the transition can be an epic failure if approached willy-nilly. There are a few things that should be observed for the transition to be successful and for you to actually enjoy and understand why smokers nowadays are so into vaping. Vaping is fun and here is what you should bring with you before you join this elite group.

Give Yourself Time – It’ll Soon Kick In

Even when you started smoking, you didn’t immediately enjoy the cigarette because you had to make some adjustments. You were not used to the smell and taste of cigarette in your mouth. Your body took some time to adjust to this new thing you picked up and eventually you learned to enjoy smoking to the extent of preferring a particular brand. The same is true with vaping. The moment you pick up an e-cig, things won’t necessarily be exactly the same as they were with traditional cigarettes. These are devices that function somewhat differently than the conventional cigarettes. So give yourself some time to get used to them, understand how they work, and I promise you’ll eventually appreciate various flavors of e-juices, which are unique to e-cigs.

Start Close to Home

The transition is a process, but not necessarily a long one. It will take some time to figure things out, so to begin with, start with something that’s close to the brand you were used to in the old days. In the current times, people smoke e-cigs, not cigarettes. Cigarettes are very harmful to one’s health and they will significantly shorten your days on this planet. E-cigs are the way to go. So, in the current times, choose something that tastes familiar and then find your way around from there. Within a week or two, the initiation should be over and you should feel like you now belong.

More Techniques

E-cigs are so damn gorgeous. These devices are just beautiful things. They come in so many sleek, shiny, and fascinating designs. And that’s not all, due to the different technologies that determine how they function, they also present you with different techniques for enjoying your smoke. Furthermore, different e-cig devices enable you to vape in different ways. With some devices, you can produce regular smoke, and with others, you can fill a room with clouds of smoke. To achieve all these, you have to understand how these devices work so that you can make the most of them. To begin with, you can check out these vape coupon codes and reviews at

Be Prepared

E-cigs use e-juices as the thing that turns into vapor to give you the hit you need. The good thing about e-cigs is that you only need to get the device and you have the option to refill it whenever you run out of the e-juice. This approach is what makes them somewhat more affordable than the conventional cigarettes. You should always ensure that you have enough e-juice with you. Vaping an e-cig that’s low on juice tastes wrong to the throat and is also not healthy for the device.

Furthermore, ensure that you are always equipped with the vaping accessories you need; these will include but are not limited to the e-cig, fully charged batteries, e-juice, and some coils. Due to the fact that the e-cig is something you essentially buy once and it’s unique, you want to always be prepared because you won’t be able to just find its accessories wherever you go.

It’s a Free World

Once things kick in, fool around. I mean, experiment with the different e-cigs that are available and try out different flavors. You may find something new, something better than what you were used to with the traditional cigarettes. But be careful not to waste a lot of time trying things to infinity and beyond. E-cigs are being redesigned every day and new e-juice flavors keep popping up every other day. You can’t possibly try them all out. But whenever you can, you are free to do whatever you please.

That’s enough for now. These are enough to get you started and enable you to find your way around. Happy vaping!

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