Some Of The Most Amazing Applications Of C-arms In Various Medical Areas

Alta Bates Imaging CenterC-Arms have emerged as one of the most innovative invention in the medical field. It is one of the driving technological forces behind enhancement of the minimally invasive surgeries. So, before going deep into its applications, let’s take a look at some of the essential things about C-arms itself.

Some Basics about C-arms you should know

Basically, a C-arm is an X-ray image intensifier that offers real-time view of anatomic structures by using fluoroscopic dyes. However, this system is the safest option, since it is a non-invasive device and doesn’t enter into the patient’s body. Thus, it can be really secure system before, during, as well as after procedures.

The main thing behind its wide application is the mobility and ease of transportation that it features. It can even be easily used in confined space. The overall structure greatly resembles to the letter “C” and the machine can be easily adjusted to several settings on the basis of its application.

These systems are greatly versatile and offers highly advanced features too. Some of its main components are input window, photocathode, input phosphor, electron optics, vacuum, output phosphor, and an output window.

C-arms usually work with the patient tables and are specially designed for x-ray imaging. It also allows flexible positioning of the C-arm around patient. Tables are even designed so that it can move and rotate to allow easy patient access for some procedures and to help in imaging angles.

Now let’s take a deeper look at some of its major clinical Applications so that you can buy the right type of C-arm according to its application from Pacific Health USA. Here you go.

Major Clinical Applications of C-Arms

C-arm is greatly used for numerous studies involving digestive, coronary, reproductive, and venous system in order to identify some potential health issues like infertility, stomach ulcers, etc. Moreover, the C- Arm fluoroscopes can be even used for guiding physicians to effectively place stents, needles, and catheters in particular areas.

They are widely used as image intensifiers that are generally set up mainly for two reasons, for digital subtraction angiography or for plain fluoroscopy. They are also often used in orthopedics to help put the hardware required to make the joints and bones stable, ensure the health of surrounding tissues, and for neurological as well as vascular imaging.

When it comes to surgery, C-arms have numerous important surgical uses as well. It usually includes real-time view of gallbladder, bone, liver, and heart structures. It also offers a great help to ensure accuracy, while surgeries. Some systems are also capable of capturing images in multiple planes, thereby useful for visualizing a 3D volume of patient’s anatomy.

Image intensifiers are also used to assist in direct needle placement in joints while injecting anesthetics. The pain relieving medication can be easily inserted into the knees as well as shoulders with the help of this system with mostly no damage to the near structures.

Thus, this system can perform numerous movements allowing its use in a variety of surgical as well as clinical procedures including orthopedics, urology, and cardiology. Buy this system right away and let it take you a step ahead with its awesome features and capabilities.

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