5 Benefits of a Metal Home

ferftfrteThere are many different options when it comes to choosing a home to live in. Among the materials that are often used for constructing residential structures are wood, cement, glass, and steel. While wood and cement are usually the main materials, steel is utilized for the foundations and glass is the material of choice for windows.

Nowadays, metal modular homes are growing in popularity. Although these structures have long been used for garages, storage sheds, carport, and workshops, a growing number of people have started using metal building homes. If you’re planning to build your home soon, a metal home is a great option! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider it:

Low building costs

The number one reason why some people go for using metal homes is its affordability. On average, building a metal home is 30% cheaper than the traditional alternative. It requires less time and manpower, bringing down construction costs significantly.


Of course, everybody knows that steel is stronger than wood or cement. This means that a metal home is more durable than a house made from timber and concrete. Most metal home structures are engineered systems that are designed to withstand heavier loads, wind forces, seismic activity, and even fire. A metal home may likely survive many extreme weather conditions better than a conventional home.

Quick and easy construction

Most metal homes are already prefabricated and can be erected in just a few days. You might not even need a contractor to do it, a comprehensive guide to building a metal home just might be enough. Some of these metal home kits have simple pre-drilled bolt-together system that will make it easy to get the building up quickly.

Pest- and moisture-free

Say goodbye to termites, mold, and mildew! Wood is known to be susceptible not just to rotting, but to termites and moisture which can cause mold and mildew. Nowadays, some insurance companies may charge you less for your home insurance if you have a metal home, simply because they are fire-resistant and requires less maintenance and up-keep. Not only will you save on your home insurance premium, you will also save a lot from the costs of repairing your home when there’s termite damage. There’s also no need to pay for termite treatment that’s supposed to prevent termites from making your home theirs.

No interior support columns

Metal building homes often do not require interior support columns. This means that there are no columns to contend with inside the structure. It’ll be one big open space and you can have any kind of configuration you want. You can put a wall anywhere and the structural integrity will be maintained. Remodeling your home will also be so much easier because you can simply remove a wall or have one built anywhere inside the structure.

Despite the benefits of a metal home, a lot of people are wary of using one because of design concerns. Worry not, because nowadays, a steel home doesn’t necessarily have to look bare and boring. You can easily design your home to have a different exterior while maintaining the steel frame.

In fact, the plain design of prefabricated make it easy to customize however you want to. While there is no reason why you cannot use the existing metal frame as a body, some homeowners choose to add other materials such as wood, tiles, and stone that will enhance the façade of their metal home. There are also lots of options when it comes to paint and trimming so you can create the look that you want. So you can enjoy all the benefits of having a metal home and design it to your liking.

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