3 of the Most Popular Smart Home Locks

grey_door_iphoneIn order to get the most out of the smart home technology, many are installing smart locks in their doors nowadays. These devices can automatically detect the owner’s presence via the Bluetooth connection of a Smartphone(or Bluetooth key fob) and unlock the front door automatically when the owner shows up.

It’s also possible to give electronic keys that fit these locks to friends. These keys can be programmed to work only during a periodthat is specified by the home owner. Some of these smart devices can even connect to large home automation systems and let the user take control over various smart systems (such as smart televisions, conditioners and others) while being far away from home. By the way, if you are having trouble installing this device, you can always use the services of a professional locksmith (that’s right, they can do much more than help out with a house lockout or assist when a car key gets lost).

For those who consider upgrading their homes with smart locks, it’s recommended to explore the basics and the different types of locks. There are two main types of locks available: Bluetooth-only locks and Wi-Fibased ones. The Wi-Fi locks are more functional. They can show whether a door is locked at the moment and offer numerous other options. That being said, they are less safe than Bluetooth-based locks, because of their ability to connect to the internet.

Although Bluetooth-only locksprovide a higher level of security, they can sometimes get quite annoying. They often causeshort but unpleasant lags in the unlocking process.

Now, havingthisbasic knowledge regarding the smart door lock technology, it’s time to learn about some of the most popular and intriguing smart locksused nowadays.

Kwikset Kevo&Kevo Plus

This is a very discreet type of smart lock. It looks similar to the standard deadbolt.This is a Bluetooth-only lock. Each Kwikset Kevo lock comes with 2 electronic keys (eKeys), 2 physical keys and unlimited 24-hour guest keys. If additional keys are needed, they can be purchased for about $2 eachvia the Kevo app. The entire lock system goes for around $220.

August Smart Lock

This is one of the most popular smart locks available. It’s smart enough to tell when the owner is leaving and arriving. They are even smart enough to avoid opening the door if the owner is just walking around the house and passing nearby. The base is Bluetooth-only, but it’s also possible to add various Wi-Fi features, such as real-time unlock alerts and remote buzz ins.

This lock is powered by batteries and it can send low-battery alert signals to a smartphone when needed. The price for this lock is about $250.

Lockitron Bolt

Sold at just under $100, the Lockitron Bolt is one of the cheapest smart door locks on the market. It’s a Bluetooth-only lock that offers the basics. Its mechanism is similar to that of a deadbolt lock, but contrary to standard deadbolt – Lockitron Bolt-equipped doors can open automatically when the owner arrives.

Renters consider this type of lock rather convenient, because the physical lock settings can be matched to any key.It’s also possible to add the Lockitron Bridge option ($79) for Wi-Fi functionality. That will allow the device to deliver real-time unlocking alerts.

So, there you have it. The aforementioned devices are three of the most popular smart locks that are used nowadays. Thousands of US citizens seem to be rather satisfied with the features these locks provide, but for those who are looking for something more specific – it might be a good idea to explore the smart locks sphere a bit deeper!

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