Free products and services via a peer-to-peer advice model?

Hands of the poor

Social entrepreneurs often struggle in taking their charitable ideas and making them a reality. For instance, a person seeking to start a rabbit club might be left unable to start the rabbit club as they know a great deal about rabbits but not much about fundraising and running a charitable initiative.

Golden Hint, provides free products and services via a peer-to-peer advice model whereby the person in question would be able to gain the insights of other rabbit clubs around the world and thus get the help they need to take their great idea and make a great impact on the world.

Their brand is closely linked in with their mission as they help provide ideas (“hints”) that prove valuable (“golden”) in making a difference in the community.

The idea behind Golden Hint is to create a “bridge” between charitable ideas and getting those ideas up and running by providing advice and resources from peer-supported parties.

Often people have awesome charitable ideas, we’re not heartless. However, just because our society functions as it does they can’t move further than the thinking. Well, this is what I’m talking about. This is where Golden Hint can help us all.

In conclusion, if you want to make a better world and if there is something stopping you from doing it, check out the Golden Hint website, get in touch with the people behind it and present them your idea. They’ll help you to accomplish your good willing mission.

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