How to Prepare for a Major Hotel Renovation

edwefwIf you have never embarked on a hotel renovation, you might not have a clue where to start. Unfortunately, failing to plan for a refurbishment could result in various complications throughout the process. For this reason, we are offering informative advice on how to prepare for a major hotel renovation.

Encourage Communication

A hotel renovation is not a one-person job. It will take a team of skilled experts to achieve an owner’s desired look. It is essential teams work together to ensure the project stays on track from start to finish. You must therefore encourage employees and contractors to communicate at every stage of the transformation. The hotel management team must speak to the builders, electricians and other tradesman so they know exactly when and what is happening within the hotel.

For example, if you choose to keep your doors open to guests during the renovation project, the front of house manager will need to have the right answers for any guests’ questions about the development

Minimize Inconvenience

If you plan to renovate a hotel in stages, it is recommended you close a guestroom floor at a time, which will limit any inconvenience caused to your current guests.

It is almost impossible to prevent disruption during the redevelopment of the lobby area; however, for a smooth renovation, start construction work after breakfast before the next wave of guests check into the hotel. What’s more, if a guest is inconvenienced in the lobby area during check-in, you can guarantee they will forget all about the construction work when they walk into their newly-renovated hotel room.

Build Excitement

Instead of acting as though the hotel renovation is an inconvenience, build excitement around the transformation. Don’t be afraid to advertise design boards about the redevelopment so people can imagine what the new hotel will look like, and provide staff with information so they can promote the property’s upcoming features.

Not only will this make a guest feel like they are actively involved in the renovation, but they will want to return to experience the new look for themselves. Also, if guests are inconvenienced by the ongoing construction work, provide them with a discount for when the new look hotel opens its doors.

The Right Design

An interior design can make or break a hotel’s success. An out-dated design will only lead to a lack of guests, so you must regularly review the property’s style to encourage customers to talk through your door. Professionals like Sajan Hansji know that décor can transform a hotel’s reputation and footfall.

Promote the Redevelopment

Once the hotel transformation is complete, hire the services of a professional photographer to take photos of the new look accommodation. You should then release the images and room descriptions to the press, in addition to updating your website, booking websites and social media accounts with the new photos. You can guarantee people will be queuing at the doors to experience the renovated rooms.

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