On the Attack: What Features of Final Fantasy 15 are Driving Players Wild?

Final Fantasy 15 has been driving players crazy over some of its features. If you have had the chance to play this game, then you understand the thrill that comes with it. Given its amazing features – open world gameplay, magic, combat, and cover system – it is easy to see why there is so much talk about this game.

Open World Gameplay

One of the amazing things about Final Fantasy XV is that this game features an open world gameplay. With the vastness of the overworld map, there are no interruptions as a result of load screens. You can think of this line of the Final Fantasy as another version of the technologically-advanced video games. With the technologically advanced games, the player can walk, run, and drive in the game, and never at any point will a loading screen appear. The same applies to this line of the Final Fantasy. You can take the train, walk, or drive anywhere and you’ll never experience a loading screen. Of course, this does not imply that you can go anywhere. There are restrictions in the game that are purposely placed to ensure you stick to the story. This is common with the Final Fantasy as restrictions come in the form of path-blocking monsters. You may risk driving through areas with monsters, but there are possibilities you will not get far.

Magic and Combat

With magic and summons, you can attack on new empire with Final Fantasy 15. While the demo for this game doesn’t include a lot of magic and summons, magic are a huge part of it. Combat in the Final Fantasy 15 has significantly evolved giving the player the adrenaline they deserve in a video game.

Despite the fact that combat in the Final Fantasy 15 is fast and fluid, maintaining the overview of your battlefield is quite crucial if you are to come out of the situation alive. Enemies will attack in circles and from all angles when you are fighting herds and packs, and most of them will not hesitate to attack when given an opportunity. During the night, you need to be more alert as well, since you’ll find foes emerging from nowhere once the sun is no longer available to keep them at bay. Get into the right posture during combat and you’ll find yourself executing special attacks which could end up breaking the enemy’s guard. These aspects of remaining vigilant and anticipating attacks throughout the game are what make the Final Fantasy 15 interesting.

Although you only control Noctis in the game, there are four equipment slots for magic, shields, and weapons. The combat in the FFXV is quite smooth, and you will not need to wait for your turn to make an attack. During a battle, you can vary your attack combination by utilizing all the equipment slots available to you.

Cover System and Healing Items

Cover systems in a video game are crucial and enhance the creative nature of the player. In the Final Fantasy 15, cover systems make it possible for you to hide or duck to avoid being hurt by the enemy. The idea of these systems provides an excellent strategy which is often not seen in role-playing games. Moreover, there are healing procedures and health items which give you the strength to carry on your quest. Additionally, healing systems help you to determine how you can strategize your engagement during a battle.

There are many features in the Final Fantasy XV that can drive anyone crazy. The above are just but some of the features you’ll enjoy when playing this game. If you are still thinking of whether or not to get the Final Fantasy 15, then you do not need to wonder anymore. Apart from the above features, there are other aspects of the game such as the value of teamwork which you will get to enjoy when you play it.

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