Virtual Reality slots & casinos explained

You may have heard people talking about virtual reality slots and jackpot casino and wondered what all the fuss is about, or you might have stumbled across virtual reality slots and are curious to know more! Many players believe virtual reality and augmented reality is the future of the online gambling industry, so we asked players who have been playing virtual reality slots to explain what they are and why they love them so much.

What are Virtual Reality Slots?

Virtual reality slot games are a brand new, revolutionary way of playing slots, giving players a truly unique gaming experience which will make you feel like you are stepping foot into a real-life casino – without even leaving your own sofa! The graphics are so advanced that many players simply can’t believe the quality and how realistic the experience is. The technology has been around for a little while and was first developed back in 2015 and in just five years the technology has advanced somewhat and now can deliver an extremely realistic, high-quality experience.

How do you play a virtual reality slot?

It’s easy! All you will need is the right gear and a basic understanding of how slots work and you’re good to go. To play, you’ll need a virtual reality headset so that you can experience the slot game in the highest quality possible and you’ll wear the virtual reality headset throughout the gameplay, which will mean you will feel totally immersed in the experience and the graphics will feel like they have come to life. In the virtual casino, you’ll be able to walk around the virtual casino floor, where you’ll even see other players walking around, choosing which game to play on, and making it feel like you’re not just playing slots solo!

Virtual reality slots are still in their infancy and because you need to have a virtual reality headset to play, the uptake on the play is more gradual than the rise in popularity of video slots that deliver high-quality graphics without the need for additional equipment.

What’s more, some players might find this experience daunting, especially if they’re used to only playing on traditional slots that come with no-frills graphics and limited features, however, it’s important not to feel too daunted by this technology, as it’s very easy to use and can be extremely enjoyable even for players who like to keep things vanilla.

Can I win real money on virtual reality slots?

At present, the majority of virtual reality slot games are just for fun and therefore players don’t have the chance to bet and win real money, however, these slots can be played in free-play mode, which gives players plenty of time to get used to the technology while it is in its infancy and still being developed and refined! That way, you can get to grips with the technology before you bet any more playing. Online casinos featuring virtual reality slots have also released player favourite slot titles to play in virtual reality, so for many players, it will be an interesting, new and completely immersive experience in with their favourite slot games!

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