The Rise of Vaping

You have probably heard of vaping and of electronic cigarettes, thanks to the fact that the e-cig industry is rapidly growing and expanding throughout the world every year. As more people want to quit smoking regular tobacco cigarettes because they are so harmful to human health, they are becoming increasingly aware of, and open to, the great alternative that is vaping with electronic cigarettes.


To get to know the vaping community a little bit better, and to learn more about the overall rise of vaping all over the world, continue reading for some interesting facts.

First Off, What is Vaping?

Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette or a vaping device (See the most advanced portable vaporizer in order to heat an e-liquid, or e-cig juice, until it is transformed into a vapour that is then inhaled and exhaled just as you would do with regular smoke from a tobacco cigarette.

Those who use e-cigs and vaping devices are referred to as vapers rather than smokers because they are not inhaling any smoke whatsoever. Instead, they are inhaling a harmless vapour that is made from the e-liquid that contains only four simple and safe ingredients: propylene glycol, flavouring, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine.

The Vaping Community: Famous People

Even celebrities are catching on to the vaping trend and investing in e-cig devices so they can quit smoking cigarettes or simply enjoy the experience of vaping and the flavours that are produced by the e-liquids that they choose to use.

Just a few of the many celebrities who have been spotted using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices include Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones, Sean Penn, and Jack Nicholson. If vaping on an e-cig device is good enough for them, it is certainly good enough for so many other people all over the globe who are in search of a healthier alternative to smoking and getting their nicotine fix.

The Many Terms Used in the Vaping Community

Once you start reading about vaping and doing your research into the e-cig community, you may encounter a variety of strange terms that you have never heard of before. For a brief introduction into some of the most commonly used e-cig and vaping terms, check out the definitions below.

Clearomiser: A clearomiser is the tank or unit that easily screws onto the battery of your vaping device and safely holds the e-liquid of your choice. The clearomiser also consists of the atomiser, as well as the wicks, so everything is conveniently located in one place. You can choose a self-contained clearomiser or one that has rebuildable parts for optimal customisation.

All Day Vape: An all day vape is basically an e-liquid that is perfect for use over long periods of time. While some e-liquid flavours may become too overwhelming for long-term use, there are some that are ideal for enjoying over extended periods.

E-Liquid, E-Cig Juice, E-Juice, Smoke Juice: All of these terms describe the same thing: the liquid that turns into the vapour that you inhale after it has been heated by your e-cig device. The liquid contains water, flavour, nicotine, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine.

Propylene Glycol: Though you have probably seen this ingredient listed on other products and foods that you use on a regular basis, you may not know what it is. Also referred to as PG, it is found in the majority of e-liquids and thins the viscosity of the liquid. It also produces a strong throat hit.

Vegetable Glycerine: Vegetable glycerine, which is also referred to as VG, is yet another ingredient that is commonly found in everything from cosmetics and medications to food. It is found in the majority of e-liquids to produce more vapour and to make the liquid syrupy and thick.

Dry Hit: A dry hit is a flavourless or burnt taste that may occur when you are using a cartomiser or a cartridge that has a low amount of e-liquid, if any, in it.

Sweet Spot: Through experimenting with strength, flavours, voltage, resistance, PG/VG content, and wattage, each individual vaper is able to find his or her own “sweet spot” for the optimal vaping experience.

Vaping Journey: This refers to the journey someone takes when they are first introduced to vaping and they begin experimenting excitedly with all of the products, flavours, and technology available, while at the same time connecting with other vapers in the community.

Vaping Lounges

Also referred to as vaping zones and vaporiums, designated vaping areas are popping up all around the world. Vaporiums, in particular, are a combination of a lounge and café with an e-cig shop.

The world’s first vaping zone was created in the International Departures Lounge in Heathrow Airport Terminal 4. It’s 30 square metres, and more of these vaping zones are expected to pop up throughout the world in countries where vaping is permitted.

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