TV in Assisted Living Facilities

When a person lives in an assisted living facility, several things help make life easier. Technology that uses TV screens is helpful, not just for entertainment purposes, but also for everyday things that make life a little easier. No matter whether residents live in a facility long-term or just for a short time after an illness, these types of technology are certain to make everything easier.

Messaging Systems

Sometimes it’s important for a facility to notify residents, without going door-to-door, using a PA system, or relying on text messages to residents’ mobile devices. Using the connected TVs to transmit these messages is fast and easy, especially for those with visual impairments. Using TVs to send messages also increases the chances of residents in common areas receiving the messages.

Bulletin Boards

Most assisted living facilities have a lot of things going on daily, enough that residents may find it hard to keep track of all of it. Bulletin boards with announcements on paper are harder to keep updated and might be bothersome for residents who have trouble getting around. When staff delivers news of these activities electronically, it is much easier to make any necessary changes.


One of the perks of living in assisted living facilities for many is having someone else take care of the meal preparation. However, most people want to know what their choices are well enough in advance so they can make any special requests well-known. Another advantage is that displaying electronic menus removes the threat of residents losing print menus.

Shopping Options

Even though most facilities take their residents out on shopping trips, many residents like being able to explore offerings from local stores before buying. Local companies can customize their advertising to appeal to assisted living residents. Depending on the products available and the residents’ comfort with ordering online, they may even be able to purchase what they want while avoiding a trip.

Media Sharing

Sending photos electronically is one way for people to stay updated when a loved one is in a care facility. Video content is also more easily shareable these days. Another advantage of TVs with Internet connectivity is the ability to share videos easily.

Assisted living TV options serve a much broader purpose than providing entertainment. With the right range of services, residents can stay connected a lot more easily. The many ways people can stay connected make life a lot easier for all.

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