Types Of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Available in Montreal

erfeqrfeqrNo matter if you are a Montreal restaurant like Toqué or a large university like McGill University, choosing the proper commercial refrigeration is very important. According to the establishment there are many different products that need to stay cool especially foods that are perishable. In order to purchase the proper equipment you will need to learn more about refrigeration in Montreal.

The following are the types of refrigeration options which are widely available in Montreal and that can be used for commercial venues.

Blast chillers are often used to freeze food fast or to lower the temperature of the foods very quickly. These refrigeration units can lower the temperatures of foods around 67 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of half an hour. The creation of these units was to help with complying with the proper food handling codes as well as safety regulations.

Display freezers are usually found in grocery stores so consumers can see the foods and drinks easily while keeping the products cold at the same time. Most have see through doors and in most cases are only used for deli items such as sandwiches or cold drinks. You will also find these units in convenient stores that offer a variety of cold drinks and prepared cold sandwiches and in some cases eggs, milk, and a few other perishable items.

Before you go on your search for refrigeration units, you will need to determine how much food you will be storing in the unit. Also ensure that you know where the units will be placed in your establishment. You should always measure the area you have for your refrigeration units and then be sure to purchase ones that will fit in that area as well as have the capacity to hold the perishable items.

When it doubt, it is always best to contact a professional that has experience installing and maintaining refrigeration systems. One such company is Air Spécialiste Inc. located at 7056 Av. de la Batture, Anjou. You can also visit their website to learn more about their services at airspecialiste.com.

Remember, no matter the reason you need refrigeration units if you have perishable items you want to ensure that your customers receive the best products that ensure hot foods are served hot and cold foods cold. Maintaining the units once you have purchased is just as important as the initial purchase in order to keep your customers happy. If you do not perform basic maintenance on the units you will certain walk into your establishment one day to find spoiled foods.

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