Understanding the Role of Smartphones in School Safety


Despite recent attempts to help children and the new regulations put in place to protect them, we are still seeing cases of bullying and similar issues in schools. According to studies complied by Bradley University and its online masters in counseling department, counselors must take a more active role in helping children deal with their issues, including cases of bullying and unhealthy social relationships.

Some schools are promoting the use of a custom mobile app and kids’ smartphones to set up a safe, private line of communication between counselors and students. Through the custom mobile app, students can share their experiences without having to worry about upsetting anyone or causing more problems. On the other hand, counselors have more data and insights into what children are really feeling, allowing them to monitor students more effectively.

You can learn more about the matter from the full infographic, The Role of School Counselors in School Safety by Bradley University.


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