Weirdest Laws around the World

Laws are a cornerstone of every state, and everyone should want to follow them. Some laws are essential; indeed, others (such as these) are, at least, bizarre, unnecessary and crazy.

Why did the chicken cross the road? (Georgia)

To reduce road accidents and fowl mortality, the state of Georgia has established a law that requires owners to have a perfect overview of their poultry. The chicken must not cross the road alone.

Safe bicycle ride (Mexico)

Anyone who lifts his feet out of treadle in Mexico risk the punishment by the mighty hand of the law. At least according to the archaic paragraph of 1892. Paradoxically, the regulation does not mention the possibility of driving without holding handlebars.

Naming a pig Napoleon (France)

Although today’s law no longer identifies Napoleon directly, in France, it is still illegal to insult a head of state by giving a pig the same name. Although there is no longer a prison sentence (but only since 2013), it is still possible to get a fine.

Chewing (Singapore)

Singapore is famous for its conservative culture. And chewing a piece of gum is counted among the forbidden misdemeanours. The Regulation mainly monitors that public areas are kept clean.

Using water guns during New Year’s Eve (Cambodia)

In a country, that has undergone genocide; a similar ban is probably not surprising. And way specifically water guns? The officials are afraid that using them could trigger civil unrest.

You may not reincarnate without permission. (China)

This strange law originated in China and has only one task. To make life difficult for Tibetan monks who do not love their Chinese comrades. Since 2007, every Tibetan monk must apply for permission to allow him to reincarnate.

It is forbidden to die in the English Parliament (Great Britain)

In fact, to this day, no one knows how such a dead sinner would be punished, but this law still applies today. So if you are going to die in a palace or a parliament (actually in every building that is subject to the crown), you are breaking the law.

Complaints of fiancés and brides (Brazil)

We could meet this strange law in Brazil in the past but since 2002, it no longer applies. The judge allowed that within ten days of the wedding or engagement, the groom could “return” his wife of fiancé to her family only if she was still a virgin.

Fines in Finland (Finland)

Finland has a unique system of fines for traffic offences. The penalty is calculated according to your earnings. The highest fine so far was 54,000 euro ($62,000) for driving 22km/h over the 50km/h speed limit.

Prohibited divorces (Philippines and Vatican)

You can divorce in the Vatican, but only for severe reasons. For example, because of domestic violence. But the citizens of the Philippines do not even have this exception, and they cannot divorce.

Bonus! Crazy Sex Laws in the USA

The true king about crazy laws is definitively the USA. Let’s see what kind of weird legislation about sex you can find there.

  • The state of Utah is known for the prohibition of sex in ambulances. However, punishment is unusual. The name of the woman involved will be published with the local newspaper — only the name of the woman.
  • In Nevada, local politicians are not allowed to attend official ceremonies penis costume. What precedents can stand behind such laws? What had to happen in Nevada?
  • In several US states, you may not show up in public with a visible erection. Gentlemen, it is hard to go to beaches full of beautiful women. This law applies in 16 states including Washington, New York, Arizona, Utah, Ohio or Nebraska.
  • In Minnesota, Alexandria, it is unsafe to be a man and want to have sex with a woman if you stink like garlic, onion or sardine. If the woman doesn’t like it, she can ask the man to brush teeth. He must obey by law!
  • In Minnesota, lawmakers probably don’t have anything to do. You may not have sex with live fish. Yes, the laws say specifically with the living — not a word about the dead.
  • In Wyoming, Newcastle, there is a ban on sex in freezer boxes in supermarkets.
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