Gypsy Scams

tina-costello_med_hrGypsies are an ethnic group that can be found almost worldwide. It is assumed that the name “Gypsy” comes from the Greek “athinganoi” which means “do not touch”. Part of their rename was earned due to the various gypsy scams that they performed since elder times.

Origin of the Gypsies

After research on the Gypsy population samples across Europe in 1940, foreign scientists classify individuals as prevalent in the respective blood group type B which once rooted idea that the origin of the Gypsies is foreign to Europe, this coming from the Asian continent .

Gypsies were a sect of the Byzantium practicing isolationism, and their language is similar to other Indian languages ​​such as Hindi.

Gypsies are originally from northwest India and northeast Pakistan. They were part of a rajpuitilor Ksatriya caste. In 1192 the Rajput princes allied armies were defeated at the Battle of Tarara, north-west of Delhi. After defeat in battle with Mohamed Ghur clan swordsman north – Indian Rajput (Ksatrya caste) would be left with families to Arab and Turkish lands, and later in Europe.

History of Gypsies

Gypsies migrated to Iran and Asia Mediterranean since the fifth century, and the Byzantine Empire in the ninth century, where they entered the south-eastern and central Europe (centuries X – XIV), as in North Africa. In the fifteenth century have penetrated western Europe (especially in the Iberian peninsula) and in the nineteenth century in the Americas.
Some researchers believe that there were several waves of migration from India. And today there are nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes in India, supporting the theory that nomadic Roma were at first left India during an invasion and then were pushed towards further European wars and invasions. Another theory considers the Roma as a caste of warriors gathered to fight the invaders Muslims who left India thereafter.

Romani has important influences Persian and Armenian, which proves Gypsies passing through these countries. It seems that in Armenia (probably due to the Turkish invasion), the Gypsies were split into three groups, ranging north of the Black Sea, south (to Egypt) and west to the Byzantine Empire. Gypsies went to Byzantine Empire are those to spread across Europe. The abundance of words from Greek suggests a relatively long presence in the Byzantine Empire. Probably due to the Turkish invasion (again), the Gypsies came into the Balkans in the late fourteenth century, after the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans by some forces entered the West.

In Europe, Roma were held in slavery in the Balkans (especially Moldova and the Romanian Country) or continued their journey spreading across Europe, from Spain (1425) to Finland (1597). To obtain permits passage through countries in the West, some Gypsies have claimed to be Christians in Egypt come in pilgrimage (and later, when they were unable to obtain such permits were forged). This, associated with their foreign appearance, leads the English name of “Gypsy” and the Spanish “Gitano” from Egypt.

Gypsy scams often come from future telling, trades or begging.

Gypsy Holocaust

The first reaction of public authorities towards Gypsies is generally one of rejection, expulsion. In Germany are hunted in Frankfurt in 1449, and at the end of the century, the rejection is global: the Reichstag, meeting in Landau and Friburg, in 1496, 1497, 1498, he said the Gypsies’ spies in the pay of the Turks’, ‘brings plague ‘. They are accused of brigandage, witchcraft and stealing children.

Modern Gypsy Scams

Plenty of gypsy scams take place even in today’s world, right under citizen’s eyes.

A good example in this regard is Tina Costello, a 39-year old Gypsy woman of Romani origin who established herself in USA for the purpose of getting rich. She already managed her goal since she scammed plenty of elder man in Arizona and Los Angeles areas, by pretending to fall in love with them and the asking for physical goods or money.

She often justified her requests for being poor, not having enough money to pay rent, food, medical needs and so on. Only few months ago she managed to persuade an old man from Arizona (Sweetheart Sandles) into giving her all lifetime fortune summing $150,000.

If you have been the victim of similar Gypsy scams, then do not hesitate to contact local authorities and seek professional help.

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