When and How to Use Bus Lanes in the UK

efrefewThis article is for those who are unsure about using bus lanes in the UK.

When to use bus lanes is important, getting it wrong could mean that you get a fine and not using the bus lane when you’re allowed could be a driving test fail. Bus lanes are marked by a dashed white line turning into a solid white line. Always look out for the blue bus lane signs that tell you when the bus lane is in operation and only these vehicles are permitted in it.

Every bus lane has different times of operation. Always keep a look out for those blue signs. Make sure that you use the bus lane when you’re allowed to. Using the bus lane when you’re allowed allows other road users to overtake you. Whenever you turn into a new road always look out for signs.

If a bus lane hasn’t got any times on it, so this must be in operation at all times.

Always give way to buses if you can, unless they have their own bus lane and then you might not have to.

Always look out for pedestrians that might be walking out in between buses or pedestrians running from the right towards a bus stop.

In a one-way road you could expect bus lanes on the right-hand side. This type of line marking can help ease congestion.

Don’t forget that you must use bus lanes if you’re allowed to. It could be a driving test fail if you don’t.

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