Your Top Guide on what to Do if You have a Construction Accident in the Workplace

legal1Accidents can happen everywhere, and since most employees spend a considerable amount of time at work, the chances of an accident happening at the workplace are quite high. Some work premises are quite safe, whilst others are more accident-prone – the construction site is arguably one of the most dangerous and hazardous places to work at. If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a workplace accident at a construction site, there are certain actions to be taken immediately; this is very important and should never be ignored. Here’s your top guide on what to do if you have a construction accident in the workplace.

Find your employer

It’s the employer who is responsible for the health and safety of the people working on the site – it’s his or her responsibility to ensure proper procedures and building methods are in place to minimise accidents (this includes safety gear, training, and so on). Unfortunately, a construction site is often filled with numerous construction workers because of contractors, sub-contractors, self-employed workers, casual labourers, and independent contractors. Finding the responsible person can be tricky. Rule of thumb: the first person to contact would be the person who pays your bills. The person or agency that hands out salaries is usually the one that is obligated to provide comprehensive insurance.

Review the health and safety regulations

Most construction sites are inherently dangerous places, which is why many procedures are put in place. Many of these regulations are written down as laws – any breach thereof automatically falls on the employer’s shoulders. Working at heights should be carefully planned, all employees should be competent, all risks are assessed and controlled, equipment should be properly maintained, and so on. If anything went wrong, chances are there was a breach of protocol.

Gather proof and evidence

There are some immediate steps a victim of an accident should take to gather the required evidence and proof. Immediately report the accident to the employer. Gather witness statements, take photographs, prepare a written account of the incident, and immediately seek medical help as advised by personal injury specialists All these documents will be important when seeking compensation.

It can be a difficult task to follow all these necessary steps and do them correctly – yet it’s very important to do so because legal procedures require strict adherence. Never be afraid to turn to professional help if you feel that everything seems a bit complicated; often, all you need is a helping hand to guide you and state your claim. A serious construction injury often leads to significant loss of income, medical costs, altered life-styles and psychological distress. You have the right for compensation if you’re a victim of this and for any other work accident claim.

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