How Technology Has Streamlined The Legal Process

In the current era, technology has helped many clients and law firms to smoothen the legal process during personal injury or other lawsuits. As per Statista, in the US, around 200,955 individuals have died because of unintentional injuries or accidents. Also, per the data from United States Courts, cases of personal injury have experienced a spike of 97% in 2020. According to the same report, civil lawsuits increased by 9% in the same period.

All the figures point towards the necessity of streamlining the process through technology. That will allow clients and victims to get the justices they deserve.

The Digital era has already arrived, and the legal industry is taking maximum advantage of this technology to speed up the process.

Streamlining the process by leveraging technology

Below are some cases in which technology is giving its contributes to solving civil issues:

Improvement in claims settlement

Many personal injury or other cases end up in settlement. If both parties are ready for settlement, many legal firms are taking the help of artificial intelligence to streamline the process. It is the most preferred solution for both parties as it saves their money, time, and effort while keeping the risk at bay.

AI implementation in software makes it possible to process data, organize it and evaluate it to send it to parties. In much-advanced software through Machine Learning, programs are trained to estimate, predict and even come up with outcomes. In such circumstances, human intervention is absent; the results are free from subjective bias.

IoT to the rescue

Everything is based on proof in a motorbike accident or any personal injury case. The party which can come up with maximum proof will win. Here comes the role of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through CCTVs, smartwatches, dash cams, and smartphones, it has become possible to provide reliable evidence in front of judges and litigators to prove who is responsible for the negligence which caused injury or death. Car accident claims can use data from the dashcam to know the reason behind the accident.

3D and animation as visual aids

For lawyers, visual aids make it possible to get their message across. Often, the simple narration of the story is not enough, as judges demand some presentation or pictures for justification, as pictorial representation sticks to their minds. Thanks to the latest technology, as with animation and 3D recreation, jurors can better depict the situation. It becomes easier for them to predict how the plaintiff got an injury.

Secure Confidential data

In highly sensitive cases, law firms often get the experience of hacking. But unfortunately, most law firms don’t have the background to deal with such incidents. They don’t have time to deal with such loopholes in their system. Thankfully, automating their process can enhance their network’s security from outsiders’ abuse. They can directly upload their data on a secured network and restrict the unauthorized usage and access of confidential data.

24*7 Chatbots

While most lawyers may want to remain with their clients for most of the day, it is difficult for them, as they also have to maintain their work-life balance. However, availing the power of technology in the form of chatbots will allow them to engage their clients 24*7.

Most chatbots allow users to get information about personal injury or other cases whenever needed. Chatbots also allow for reducing the gap as a legal team can do follow-ups with the clients as soon as they reach the office and continue to assist wherever required.

Adopt technology to improve the process

Technology has evolved dramatically, and legal firms should take maximum advantage before it becomes too late. It has helped attorneys unlock opportunities and improve their processes to manage time and handle cases in the best possible manner.

Although the lawsuit rules and regulations are different as per the state, for instance, if you are a Stockton motorcycle accident lawyer, you must know the rules of Stockton, CA to provide justice to your clients. But yes, as technology has nothing to do with the location, any lawyer anywhere can avail of the benefit to speed up the process.

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