How to Simplify Electronic Workflow with SignNow?

Electronic document management is becoming the norm in routine and business life. Previously, it was easier for a company to meet with partners or customers to sign a contract, agreement, or any other document in person. But with the widespread use of smart Internet solutions, the understanding came that it is easier and faster to do all this via the Internet. And for the contract to have legal force, an electronic signature is used as an alternative to the one that is done by hand.

If all the rules for creating such a signature are followed, it is considered as legal as a manual one. You can create a signature in different ways: contact a notary, use the functionality of some online banking, or go to SignNow. This signature meets all the requirements of modern business: it is created quickly and allows you to work in a team and save files in the cloud, send them for signature and to each other. The service is unambiguously convenient.

Spheres of Application of Electronic Signatures

Organized electronic document flow in companies of various kinds of activities is the main area of application of electronic signatures. At the same time, a similar solution is suitable for:

  • Maintaining and submitting reports
  • Business communication with partners or clients
  • Any area of electronic exchange of information is practiced

For example, using the platform, it will be easy to fill out tax forms, lease agreements, and any official questionnaires. And all this can be done without paper, printouts, and queues to the post office. There is no need to forward paper copies to recipients.

Creating and Using Electronic Signatures with the SignNow

SignNow essentially provides users with the ability to create ES, use templates, authenticate, and further export documents in a format convenient for the addressee. Besides the online version of the platform, there is also a mobile application, which works great on Android and iOS. And just like in the cloud, here, you can:

  • Fill in, sign, and edit the signature remotely (the option is available even without the presence of the Internet)

  • Create an invitation link to send it to those who have to put their ES on the document

  • Use bulk messaging tools for teamwork

The service works both on its own and in integration with Google Drive, Google Apps, Salesforce, and Office 365. If you use these platforms in your work, be sure to try how SignNow works in tandem with them.


The platform interface is user-friendly and intuitive. It is easy to work with it even for a beginner. If not, you can take an express tutorial and learn how the service works. The tutorial videos answer all popular questions regarding getting started with the service.

There is also a huge list of FAQs on the homepage. Here are answers to questions not covered in the initial tutorial videos.

How to Sign in?

You can register using your Facebook account or Gmail. The registration form opens after you click the Sign In button or the Trial one.

What Document Formats Are Suitable for Working with SignNow?

Through SignNow, you can sign a document of any format: drawing, photo, scan, Word document. However, the platform works best and fastest with PDF format.

How to Upload Documents to the System?

You can upload documents both from cloud storage and any other electronic device. Custom fields can be dragged, filled, and swapped, and the date and time of execution can be indicated in the document.

Here, you can also use drop-down lists, comments, annotations, and checkboxes that will help draw the recipient’s attention to the necessary points.

It remains only to click “Finish,” and all the changes made will be saved.

By the way, all changes (new agreements, signed documents, reports) are reflected in the user account. You will not miss important information that is relevant to your business.

How to Make a Template?

Templates help speed up your work with standard stationery and standardized documents. These can be bills, taxes, regular reports. To create a new template, click Make Template. This button appears next to each document uploaded into the system.

Important Features of the SignNow Service

According to Wikipedia, the service has been running since 2011. During this time, millions of users managed to join it. A long time on the market and customer trust are the best indicators of security and, at the same time, the demand for the platform.

How Much Does a SignNow Subscription Cost?

The service offers flexible pricing. Explore the basic features in a 7-day trial period and then choose a tariff plan that is convenient for you. Payment is made monthly or once a year. When paying for an annual subscription, you save up to 60% of the cost of the subscription.

Please note that annual or monthly subscriptions will automatically renew until you cancel. Subscription cancellation is possible in the Subscription Management section.

If you have any additional questions regarding subscriptions or payments, please contact technical support.

Data Security and Safety

The SignNow service is an authorized and certified method for generating electronic signatures with an enhanced key. The security and safety of data are ensured by a cryptographic method of generating a signature and 256-bit encryption. You can find out more about the protection of personal data on the Security page.

Conclusions: Are There Any Reasons to Use SignNow in 2021?

The most honest impressions are collected on numerous sites with reviews and feedback, G2, for example. ES and the SignNow service offer a great opportunity to speed up business processes, simplify reporting, and collect all important documents in one safe and reliable place. It is like a safe, to which no one, except the owner and trusted persons, has access.

No unnecessary papers, faxes, couriers. There is no need to get a client or partner to sign the document. Just send them a link. Yes, it’s that simple. Yes, that’s all it takes. Yes, it’s cool. This is why the SignNow service exists. Enjoy!

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