The Benefits of Dedicated IPs and Dedicated Servers

When you are in full research to find the best hosting solution, you will have many decisions to make. What makes this process even more complicated is the terminology that causes a lot of confusion even when it comes to a dedicated server.

One of the things that hurt many users or future webmasters is that related to the dedicated IP and the dedicated server. What is a dedicated server? Do you need it? Will your site gain traction from such a server?

What is a dedicated IP?

First, let’s start with what a regular IP address is.

An IP address is a long, multi-digit string that identifies a computing machine that is connected to the network. In this case, the machine is the server, and the network is the entire Internet. An IP is translated as Domain Name System or DNS to a domain associated with it.
There are currently two types of IP addresses.

The one that works the longest is IPv4 which is the original form of an IP address. Thanks to this release, it was possible to create billions of IP addresses. However, since the number of IPs begins to increase in an accelerated and increasingly difficult way to control, the development of a new type of IP system has been necessary. IPv6 appeared. It is not used very much, not yet, but there are already companies that have implemented this change and will surely become more popular in the future. IPv6 addresses are longer than IPv4 which also offer the possibility of generating more IP combinations for devices and servers.

What is dedicated hosting?

Dedicated IP hosting may seem like a general term. It includes any type of Web Hosting with a dedicated IP address. Some hosting packages already come with this option included and they will give you the dedicated address whatever it is.
It may not seem important, but for some people, this is very important. A dedicated web hosting also comes with benefits.
What are the benefits of a dedicated IP address?
Currently, the luxury of having a dedicated IP is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. However, you can find some important advantages for which you should opt.

1. Efficient delivery of emails

Some homeowners prefer to send an email directly through the host instead of using a traditional email provider such as Yahoo or Gmail. Many users use the forward functionality of a message for easier centralization of messages.
One by one, you have to make sure that the delivery is the one that never fails. For an IP address that is not dedicated, your messages may reach the spam boxes or may not be delivered at all.
With a dedicated server that comes with one or more dedicated IPs, you will ensure that this will never happen, as long as you do not become yourself a spammer.

2. SSL certification

Google imposes a particular need when it comes to websites. The one to have an SSL certificate. For such a certificate it is much more advantageous the use of a dedicated IP address.

3. Benefits for SEO

So far it has not been proven that there is a parameter that exactly measures the results that a dedicated server can bring to your site. However, they positively influence the speed and manner in which your site loads. Nonetheless, a dedicated IP will bring a huge SEO benefit. If you are sharing the same shared IP with other penalized site owners in Google, you run the risk of being penalized too. When your site has a dedicated IP will always be protected from this type of penalty. These are the most important factors that determine whether a user will visit the site. Indirectly, the dedicated IP affects the number of users. The number of users, which means traffic is influencing your ranking position on Google too.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server where you have 100% control. This type of hosting is dedicated to large websites with high and constant traffic. A dedicated server can bring many benefits with it.

It can increase the performance of your website. You will be able to customize your server, choose the operating system, you can install software as you like, and you can even make hardware customizations.

The loading speed of the pages on your website will be improved. If you put great value on the quality and experience of your users, a dedicated server is what you need for your website.

Another advantage of a dedicated server is the security that should never be neglected. With a dedicated server, this burden will be taken off your shoulders, your site will no longer have weaknesses, it will no longer have down-time or anything like that.

If we helped you decide on hosting, we wish you success in your business!

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