The Importance of Webinars


gtgrtgrwgrtWhat is a Webinar?

As I am sure this is a common question, let’s examine what it actually is. For starters, they can be presented as a presentation, lecture, workshop, or seminar that is transferred through the web using video conferencing software. The unique element of this, is that it’s got an interactive feature, allowing people to go over the information as it’s being presented.

Benefits of Webinars

There are multiple benefits of webinars. The first real benefit is being able to read and engage with a target group. You can allow them to ask questions and ask some yourself. This helps you get to know your people. The second real benefit of webinars would be having your own timetable to operate with. Most people are going to be a lot more comfortable on a webinar than in real life, where they also have to rush to work to make the meeting versus online where you can just turn on your computer. Another benefit is the ability to continue reaching your target group by putting your webinar online to stream for others to see. If this is the case, it has been recommended that you make it easily accessible for Google searching to find. Also, webinars allow you to create polls, chats, and call them to action, or you can even show off some Power Point slides as well. This creative aspect of webinars allow you to further connect with your group. For the last great benefit, you can save money and time by eliminating the need to travel for both you and your group. This also saves money that would have been spent on a hotel or food.

How Are They Used?

There are several platforms for webinars that give you an opportunity to use theirs for free for a period of time. These are extremely helpful in making user-friendly platforms for you to perform your webinar at a cheap price. Most webinars are used for some sort of profit margin as well, which is why these platforms are actually more beneficial than they may first appear.

Now, let’s discuss how they benefit you. If you are the one listening to a webinar, what can you expect from this? They often teach. So, if you want to learn anything from business to how to cook a pie, this kind of a tool is essential to your personal growth. On the plus side, if you are watching one live, you can ask questions on the spot, which can change the whole dynamic of the live version. Even if you’re watching a recorded version of this, you can send questions to the presenter, either through a 24/hr chat slot or through email. On the user side of things, you can find thousands of free webinars. Some do costs fees which are usually fairly low. These seem to be under-appreciated, because honestly, its brilliant and under used by a vast amount of the population.


Webinars are simply an important tool for establishing a connection between you and your group on a project, task, or subject, that can benefit both you and the others you are presenting to. They are efficient and frankly vital to the business world as we are diving more and more into the technology age of computers, tablets, and gadgets. It’s important to our growth in this industry that we continue to utilize this tool that we have readily available at our fingertips to drive home success and fulfillment of a company, business, or even a simple training video. We need to remember that the smallest things we attribute to our growth, often add up to the big successes of our lives.

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