Ways to Promote Your Music in Social Media

Music_in_social_mediaIt is true that most artists, managers, producers, musicians and record companies understand the importance of the Internet in the promotion and dissemination of their work. Almost everyone knows how to make a page on myspace, how to register with facebook and how to create a Twitter account. The detail is that this is not enough.

SoundCloud has always been an outlier in the music streaming. What made ​​them different is that they allow uploading and sharing music without annoying ads or monthly fees. During the past six years, SoundCloud has continued to make progress on a market dominated by competitors. However, despite the success, the company has shifted gears and has recently launched its new program creators-partners, On SoundCloud . A good number of SoundCloud followers can give your music boost in the social media. So for promoting any music followers are the key.

Analogously to the YouTube Partner Program, the new service will allow artists monetize content boarding SoundCloud through paid advertisements. The ads will appear either in the SoundCloud player or an audio files streaming. When the program was first introduced, there was no specific conditions that describe work exactly how revenue sharing. But, from what I’ve read, it seems that the artist will be rewarded each time an ad appears on any track that you uploaded.

One thing I like about the SoundCloud platform is that, as the company has always been an artist-oriented community, we expect revenues to be generated will benefit the artists and not just brands and distributors paying ads. Another interesting detail is that SoundCloud offers a tiered structure services so that each user can subscribe to specific functions you want. SoundCloud is a social platform to upload and share files online. The best comparison would be a Flickr for recording sounds instead of pictures. Therefore it is especially known for users who want to promote and distribute their music projects.

It is important to begin by understanding that:

  • Social networks contribute to the democratization of talent. Years ago the musician depended on their demo reached the right hands. Today the reality is different; there are multiple platforms that facilitate things. Today followers and followers review take you to the top picks.
  • The public and the music industry are constantly changing. The way to listen to music and drinking it is different. You’re not obliged to pay for a full disk when you are interested only in a song. Therefore we must diversify know how to present your products.
  • Funding models have also changed. Some artists allow the sale of their songs individually, thus repealing the requirement to pay for a full disk. Bands like Coldplay and Radiohead, have put their music available to fans for free download for voluntary donation. The financial rewards do not necessarily have to do with selling their songs.
  • In the era of the social web, fans the true promoters. It is they who make viral ice advertising.

Today anyone with an interesting project vision and a clear strategy has the opportunity to emerge in the music scene. Another thing is to stand out from the crowd for proposals. For either case, it is essential to discover what the appropriate means are and invent the perfect formula to make your music accessible and reach a larger group of people.

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