3 Hacks to Secure Your Phone with a Mobile Tracking App

Smartphone theft has recently spiraled out of control. It’s increasing by 30% every year, and apparently even the government has started to notice because they want phone companies to make devices with better security. But while the companies still don’t have a solution, I’ve found the perfect safety hack. All you need to do is get a good mobile tracking app. Most comes with your basic GPS tracking system, but a good one will let you look after your phone remotely. I use XNSPY for my phone’s safety, so I’m going to refer to this when talking about the hacks. Make sure you have XNSPY downloaded on your phone for this guide.

Safety Hack #1: Real Time Tracking

So when you lose your phone, your instinct would be to check your pockets or to trace back your steps. I’m going to save those frantic moments for you with one easy solution: just check your phone’s location in real time. Head onto your XNSPY Control Panel and check where your phone is. If it leads back to your house/room, then you’ve probably just misplaced it around the house. If it is somewhere you went earlier, like work, or a café, then you’ve probably forgotten it. In any case, the cell phone tracker will help you be sure where it currently is.

Safety Hack #2: Location History

The other scenario is where your phone is not misplaced, but stolen. For that purpose, you’re going to need to do a location history check. See the places the thief has been with your phone. This will give you an idea of where thief picked up your phone and where they have gone with it. This will make it easier for you to get it back.

Safety Hack #3: Watchlist Locations

I’ve heard so many stories about phones being stolen and then sold in other cities. What you need to do is on your XNSPY, mark your town or your block (depending on how far you move on a daily basis) as your ‘safe location’ on the tracking app’s Watchlist. Keep the areas beyond those parameter as the ‘unsafe locations’. In this way, if your phone gets stolen, you will get an instant alert the moment it enters an unsafe area.

These safety hacks have helped my friends around me as well, and they’re a lot easier than having to wait around for companies to get things done, anyway. Just install XNSPY if you are forgetful or have a history of losing phones. A mobile tracking app is your safest bet.

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