Top 5 Pieces of Technology You Need in Your Car

dewfreAre you a technophile, and the thought of new and promising automotive equipment excites you? If so, then stay tuned for a list of our top 5 pieces of technology that you’ll want to have in your car!

  1. An enhanced virtual reality owner’s manual – Not only is this owner manual online and not in paper form, but this app enables you to simply point the owner’s manual toward any part of the car, and you’ll receive specific information about that part! Do you want to know how to adjust the mirrors, change your radio station, or turn up the AC? Just point your tablet or smartphone at the component in question and you’ll have your answer in the form of online guides, videos, and other useful tips. Right now, Hyundai’s Sonata is the leader in this technology. It provides a Virtual Guide that is an enhanced owner’s manual app.
  2. State-of-the-art backup cameras – In just a few years backup cameras will be required in all cars. What we’re talking about is an advanced camera system that can provide a top-down view of your car, or show multiple angles. Expert drivers know that it’s better to have as much assistance as you can get when you’re trying to maneuver your car into a tight space (for instance in a cramped parking garage). The latest gadgets provide an angled view that makes you feel like there’s a tiny helicopter cam hovering over your car! Currently Infiniti offers the Around View Monitor (as well as a few Nissan models), which provides an outstanding 360 degree view of your environs. Kudos also to the new Toyota Prius which also has this feature.
  3. Advanced headlight technology – Welcome to LED headlights, offering long-lasting bulbs, automatic high beams, which turn off or on automatically at night to maximize your field of vision, and superlative brightness. Plus LED headlights won’t ever burn out, they improve your road vision, and will save you money. Leading the field in LED headlights is Acura, which has them in all models, including the base-level ILX. Automatic high beams are also seen in the Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata.
  4. Smartphone automobile management – Some drivers are already starting their car from their cell phone as well as getting: assistance finding their car, health reports on the current status of their car, and automatic calls for roadside assistance. Still in test mode is an app that will take your car to its parking spot, tell the driver to hop out, and then park the car all by its lonesome! OnStar vehicles are offering this feature in a variety of vehicles. Check out the BMW Remote App, which locks and unlocks your car, and has light flashing and horn capabilities, and the MyLincoln Mobile app, which provides remote starts and immediate connection to their support staff if necessary.
  5. Self-parking – These systems use in-car technology, cameras, and sensors to automatically parallel park your car (or even perpendicular park). City dwellers are enamored of this option, and suburbanites also appreciate not having to park in too tight spaces when they’re in town. Chrysler is ahead of the pack on this one. Both their midsize Chrysler 200 sedan and their compact Jeep Cherokee SUV currently offer this option.

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