Cricket in Pakistan – Web Review is a website specialized in providing latest news regarding Pakistani cricket, live score from local cricket matches, live cricket transmissions and more. The website is very easy to browse through, users even having the possibility to bet on the cricket matches from within the website or follow important players across social networks. All important news are featured straight on the homepage as for the visitors to find them with increased ease.


The first top category of is “Series”. Here visitors can find more information in regard to the important Cricket series worldwide such as India Tour of England, Pakistan Tour of Sri Lanka, Pakistan vs Australia and more. Each category is labeled accordingly and features the most important news in the segment.

Next category in the upper bar is “News”, which features the latest headlines in Pakistani cricket labeled according to category. One can observe here top stories, IPL news, Pakistani domestic, women cricket, interviews and more. Each of these subtitles has something unique to it, allowing visitors to immerse into the unique atmosphere offered by cricket and read the latest news in this regard.

The next two sections are “Videos” and “Photos”, both being extremely relevant to cricket. In case any important local event occurred within the past few days, it will certainly be showcased here. At last but not least, the website comes complete with a scheduling plan for different cricket events as well as ICC rankings, which are highly detailed and continuously updated.

One can learn more information about the Pakistani cricket players from here and understand which player has the highest chances of earning the local world cup or winning various international events.

All in all, is a website which is extremely easy to browse and from which visitors can find more about their favorite cricket players and teams. It comes complete with live cricket transmissions as well as permanently-updated news.

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