How to Attract Visitors to Your Website

globeI have come across several stories of late about people who have been brave and set up their own businesses across Cornwall and the local communities. Many of these are sole-traders whose best option is to set their new businesses up online and sell their wares and services via online shops. This made me think about the ways in which websites attract me and make me want to visit them again or buy from them.

Do Not Drive Visitors Away:

There are many tricks and skills involved in getting people to visit your website, especially when it is a new one. There are also many things that you should avoid when designing your site. Just have a think about the type of things that put you off visiting a website and make a list of things to not do with yours. Personally, I hate websites with unwanted pop-ups or redirections. People generally want to keep control of their own internet experience and if you take that away from them they will fight back with the back key.

Understand What You Offer:

Website design in Cornwall and promotion is as much about human psychology as anything else. You need to understand completely what it is that you are offering people before you even consider setting a site up. In order to understand what it is that you are going to offer you may have to delve into what it is in fact that is actually needed by your customers. A bit of market research on the streets of Cornwall never did anyone any harm. Then, armed with this information, I would get advice on the technical design and the marketing of the site from someone with experience and knowledge in the area like the people at Spring Media Web Design. Having all the knowledge and information available to you should steer you right.

Remember it is your Virtual Face:

Once you have your own website it is the first thing that people who have any experience of your business will see. Make sure that it is appealing and that all of the functionality on the site works. There is nothing more off-putting than visiting a website where links are broken, pages do not load and videos do not work. If this happens, you can guarantee that those visitors will not come back to you. It is always worth discussing options regarding mobile devices with your web designer as you need to ensure that your site will function correctly on as many different platforms as possible. Open the doors to as many people as you possibly can.

The likelihood is that if you find the website that you have designed appealing, then others will too. Try and step back and assess whether it will do the job for you. Ask friends and family for their honest opinions, incorporate them into your site and then sit back and watch the orders come in. It’s a good feeling, isn’t it?

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