South Florida Real Estate Market is Important for International Buyers


In Florida there is a real market for international investors but, according to a new market research, buyers frequently focus their attention on this southern state. As expected, Miami continues to be the main attraction for many existing business alternatives and entertainment enthusiasts, but the landscape is changing when it comes to the buyers and investors. According to the Association of Realtors of Miami, Brazilian investors are leading the list of groups of international investors, along with Canada, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, France, UK, and Italy.


According to Susan Rindley, Brazilian interest for Florida is undoubtedly high due to the sunny weather and traditional trade links which have been established between the US and the giant southern country. Proof of this is the booming of the real estate market, allowing Brazilians to easily set in Florida, to either live, rent (houses, offices or commercial facilities), or sell establishments after a while. The important thing is that Brazil is a large market with many people wanting to buy properties in South Florida’s cities such as Miami or Fort Lauderdale. It is no wonder that during the summer season, the prices of these establishments become more expensive, turning Miami into one of the top favorite cities for foreigners (tourists, investors, buyers, etc.)

South Beach FL

Many of the residential projects that are available in South Florida, offer world class services that make the stay a very pleasant experience. We are talking about concierge services, 24 hours private security services, swimming pools, gyms featuring latest workout machines & Internet in all areas, spas, international cuisine restaurants, casinos, business conference facilities, etc. Best of all is that for international buyers prices are relatively low as well as mortgage interest rates, this being an important incentive that ultimately stimulates investments.

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