A Look at the Potential Benefits of Sentencing Reform


According to studies complied by Portland State University’s online criminal justice program, there has been a huge spike in the federal inmate population. There were 24,640 inmates serving in federal prisons back in 1980. That number has increased by a whopping 790%, with over 200,000 inmates serving in federal prisons in 2014. Today, all federal prisons are overpopulated by 25% or more. The main cause of this is the mandatory sentencing received by many non-violent offenders, especially those involved in drug-related cases.

A reform is underway to fix the problem. Known as the Sentencing Reform Act of 2015, this reform will bring a number of benefits, including the release of non-violent inmates who were sentenced under the old sentencing law as well as the reduction of government spending on federal prisons. That spending can then be allocated to other more important posts, including healthcare and infrastructure maintenance.

You can learn more about the Sentencing Reform Act and its benefits from this infographic by online.ccj.pdx.edu.


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