The Rarely Mentioned Advantages of a Career in Social Work

womenSocial work is often touted as one of those career types that is always in demand and provides a variety of benefits, but many times people don’t discuss the specific advantages that a degree in this field can offer. Obviously, social workers typically earn a decent salary and are involved in jobs that better their communities, but aside from those basic perks, what are some reasons to consider this career path over others? In an effort to go beyond the generic “becoming a social worker is a great career opportunity” below we’ve listed a few of the unspoken advantages of pursuing a degree in the field:

1. High Employability

People with a degree in social work typically enjoy a low rate of unemployment thanks to the overwhelming demand of jobs in a plethora of positions. Entry level positions are generally easy to land once you have a bachelor’s degree, which takes only four years to obtain. Many people are able to get their first jobs in the field after earning their bachelor’s and can then study for a MSW online from a distance learning institution like Rutgers. Being able to continue pursuing a higher level degree while working lets new social workers explore the early stages of their career, while they are still earning an income.

2. Positions in a Variety of Industries

In addition to having a high chance of staying employed, people with experience in social work are also able to apply for a broad range of job types and career specializations in various industries. Some of the sectors you’ll be able to apply to after earning your masters of social work online include hospitals, schools, military facilities, nursing homes, healthcare clinics, substance abuse clinics, corporate human resource departments, and many others.

3. Helping People on a Daily Basis

If you’re a “people person” who enjoys helping others, there are few careers that will give you a more satisfying lifestyle than social work. Depending on which specialization you wind up pursuing, you’ll be involved in assisting and mentoring people from all walks of life. So whether you choose to help families, troubled teens, drug addicts, elderly people, the homeless, or members of the military, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference every day you show up for work.

Being a Part of the Solution

Finally, perhaps the most fulfilling part of being a social worker is making a positive change in the world every time you go to work. With so many career paths to choose from, opting for a degree in social work will give you the comfort of knowing that you’ve chosen a career that will allow you to use your expertise to genuinely help others on a continual basis. In fact, the moral and ethical considerations are often what drive people to become social workers in the first place, and despite the challenges involved there’s always that feeling that you’re doing something great for your country and community.

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