Why sports players make good employees

REFEFEWhen recruiters are looking for people to fill roles, it is not just the candidate’s education and work experience that will interest them. For many top-level jobs, the recruiters are looking for somebody with a little extra, someone who can bring various qualities to the table that may not be found in typical work experience.

Sometimes, industry-wide or business-wide problems will dictate the characteristics that they are looking for. For example, companies that are struggling with a high turnover of staff may look for candidates that display signs of loyalty. This could be through the length of time that they have worked for previous companies, or it could even be evident through their sporting history.

They may also be looking for people they know would fit in well, and would be proud to represent the company. For example, if you turn up at your interview with your Yale class ring, then they will determine that you are proud of your background and your achievements, maybe even hiring you on those qualities alone.

Other qualities they might be looking for are leadership and teamwork. If you held a position of responsibility at your sports team, then they know that you were selected because you have leadership qualities. Working as a team is critical to most jobs, and recruiters want to know whether you will put the greater good of the business and your team above your own needs. Sports players are renowned for having a strong focus on teamwork, and achieving team results as well as individual goals.

When you are applying for roles, you should use your sporting experience to your advantage. There is an abundance of transferrable skills that recruiters will want to hear about. If you are a recent graduate and are yet to built up much work experience, then your sporting achievements are even more crucial when providing examples related to the required skills for the role.

Recruiters will also be looking for people with a confident, yet likeable attitude. Playing sport builds confidence and encourages an environment where players work well together to deliver results. If you are not pulling your weight in your team, then you are likely to face the consequences, and it is the same in the working environment. If employers know that you are used to the high demands of playing for a sports team, then you are a more attractive prospect to them.

The fact that you are committed to a healthy lifestyle will be appealing to them as well. They will expect you to be less likely to call in sick for mild illnesses, and hope that you are less likely to develop illnesses generally, due to your healthy lifestyle. If you are applying for a job that has a lot of pressure involved, then they will see your sports involvement as an ideal way to manage any form of work-related stress.

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