EzTrader: Meet the Rising Force of Binary Options Trading

wdfweThe trendy world of binary options trading welcomes a new star: EzTrader is an international platform that is gaining momentum quickly and turns many heads for all the right reasons. Read on for an introduction to the trading platform and its growing family of sites dedicated to the exciting world of binary options trading.

Main site
EzTrader’s main site impresses with a clean and professional look which gets you right down to business. The sign-up procedure is quick yet thorough and collects additional information on your experience with finance, net worth, and intended investment in order to optimise your experience. You can bankroll your account with a number of credit card, direct debit, wire transfer, or e-wallet options, and you can transfer your investment returns back to most of those payment methods, too. This makes for hassle-free and straightforward transactions, which is always a mark of trustworthy and professional trading platforms.

EzTrader lets you trade in commodities, currencies, or major stocks. The default period is 30 minutes, but you can also go for the almost instant 60-second trade option, which are limited to commodities and currencies only. Before you decide whether to call or put, you can consult how other investors handled a particular stock thanks to the handy social trends slider. Once you determine your investment, you also see the projected return of calling or putting.

EzTrader goes to great lengths to educate its investors and train them for success. The Education Centre presents the principles and techniques of binary options trading in accessible terms, furnishes investors with all the relevant professional lingo, and provides a host of support and training in the form of tutorials, eBooks, or videos. Both seasoned investors and novices stand to benefit from the quality information which is expertly condensed and arranged.

Apart from English, EzTrader is fully available in German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Turkish. The content of all major pages is identical across versions, except for the EzTrader Magazine which features some language- and country-specific content. This is a nice touch and demonstrates EzTrader’s market competence and desire to provide relevant information to its specific publics. Customer care is alive and well here!

Add some excitement with athletic thrill
Professional athletes work hard for their success and rely on training, stamina, strategy, and some good fortune – just like successful binary options traders! This is why there is EzTrader FC: a sister platform that combines the thrills of trading with the love of sports.

EzTrader has partnered up with a number of European teams whose names are synonymous with pride, success, and loyalty, such as the Tottenham Hotspurs, AS Roma, or the German Handball Association (DHB). You can test your knowledge of each team with a simple five-question quiz and enter a raffle for free tickets to see them play, which is a nice bonus.

Of course, EzTrader FC contains all the functionalities of its parent platform: the account set-up, payment methods, and trading mechanisms and support are the same, as is the rich training and information portfolio which makes the company one of the industry leaders. The added focus on sports and the thrill of playing for a chance to see your favourite team are just the cherry on top here.

Make a direct connection to the real world
What EzTrader does really well is keeping you up to speed with both the timeless principles of binary options trading and the realtime developments in the world which influence your investments. This is where the EzTrader Blog comes into play. It is neatly divided into sections dedicated to stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices. Each section features expertly written articles which detail specific stock and market situations and add to your understanding of how complex and interconnected the world of binary options trading is.

You can take in expert analyses of how Netflix’s stock has been standing over time and get into the intricacies of each fluctuation in order to make a qualified prediction about where it will go next. You can read about Donald Trump’s unlikely influence on global markets, even months ahead of Election Day. Or you can get an insight into the complexities of the US job market and how it influences the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates in the immediate term.

All of the above are real-world developments and opportunities with a direct bearing on how your binary options trades will fare, and they are broken down in a smart and accessible way for you. This is why the EzTrader Blog is a valuable resource to which you will return constantly!

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