How Can Remodelling Increase The Value Of Your Home?

house-valueWhether remodeling the entire house, a single room or a few rooms, the next step is making an appointment with the Willoughby Construction company, the magical wizards in remodeling commercial and residential real estate.

Willoughby Constructionhas been doing quality remodels for years now. The company is able to assist the homeowner with all the homeowners ideas and dreams presented to it and work to increase the value of the real estate. The licensed Florida General Contractor is OSHA certified.

The Willoughby team has clients who say, “Igot all my ideas for remodeling the kitchen from HGTV.” The kitchen is now the communication center, where family and friends are entertained; it’s functional, comfortable and a stunning piece of real estate.

The Home Can Become Valuable Real Estate

Energy Saving Appliances and Lighting

  1. Go green by choosing Energy Star-rated energy appliances; they are efficient and help to protect the environment.
  2. Kitchen windows can be purchased with an Energy Star rating, keeping the warmth in and the cold outside.

Choosing Materials for the Kitchen Floor, Countertops, and Backsplash

The selection of floors, countertops and backsplash designs is vast and should complement the kitchen. The contractor can offer sound advice on the type of floor that should be laid according to the lifestyle of the family. The kitchen is the most prized and sought-after room to remodel; it is shown first to most agents in the real estate industry.

  1. The floor should be easy to clean, stain-proof, water- and scratch-resistant. People and pets drop food on the floor, and footwear has heels made of all types of materials.
  2. The floor should complement the design and style of the kitchen.
  3. The different patterns, textures, and colors can be chosen for a classic motif, Victorian era or Country cottage designed kitchen.
  4. When an eclectic style has been designed for the real estate property, the Willoughby Construction team will come to the rescue and help with all the minute and large details of the kitchen.

A Modern Functioning Kitchen Is Welcomed In The Real Estate Market

  1. The cabinets are built for extra storage space, a wine rack, and coffee station.
  2. A double oven with a state-of-the-art exhaust hood with light fixtures commands attention.
  3. Under the countertop is the dishwasher and drawers for extra dishes and more than one warming drawer.
  4. A reasonable distance is charted for the refrigerator, stove, sink and countertops, to make moving around the kitchen comfortable.
  5. Ample storage space is provided for the pots, pans and cooking utensils.

How To Avoid Budget Increases

  1. Speak to the contractor before any work begins to avoid spikes and delays to complete the kitchen remodeling project within the budget.
  2. Stick to the original budget; have a second choice available if the first choice increases the budget.
  3. Deciding on a different floor or backsplash and changing the first selection of cabinets for recessed cabinets will increase the budget.

Craig Willoughby and his sons, Bryan and Jason, have built a spectacular reputation for completing projects on time, staying within the owner’s budget, paying attention to every little detail and making the clients’ wishes their top priority. This remarkable team is able to transform the kitchen, adding functionality and increasing the value of the real estate.

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