How to Keep your Kitchen Clean on the Fly

efwqwefIn this article, we are going to be tackling the kitchen and discuss the little things you can do every day and that aren’t going to take a lot of time. The kitchen is the main room in the house that you need to keep clean for your own sanity.

1. Clear the countertop clutter

The first thing we recommend is to clear off the countertop clutter. A lot of people tend to keep clean every appliance they own on their countertops even if they are not using them very often and this just takes up a lot of counter space and it looks visually very cluttered. So you only keep out the appliances that you use pretty much daily. Everything else you just keep stored in the cabinet and take them out and put them back as you use them.

Decluttering your countertops is going to instantly make your kitchen look a lot cleaner.

2. Clean as you cook

Get in the habit of cleaning while you cook. According to DeluxeMaid, one tip is to keep a container with a plastic bag on your countertop and use it as a mini-garbage can to collect scraps and contain your mess while you are cooking. It just makes cleaning a lot easier in the end.

Put away each food item after you use it, avoid making a mess around the stove, and keep little wipes in the drawer right under the stove to quickly wipe away any mess before it has the chance to dry up and get harder to clean.

Especially when baking, do all your measuring over the sink so that flour, sugar, etc. don’t get all over the place. Pick the drops on the ground right away as sometimes you may forget about them, thus making it harder to clean.

Another tip is to just slow down. The bigger the rush you’re in, the bigger the mess you make. So try to relax and give yourself a good amount of time to cook and prepare your food.

3. Have a system for dishes

The main rule is not to leave dishes in the sink. Load the dishwasher from the back to the front; thus you are going to use the space more efficiently and make it easier to visually see how much space you have left.

Run the dishwasher and unload it right away. Otherwise, it is going to be a dish pile up going on and it just starts a big mess.

4. Quick daily clean

Clear off any junk that’s accumulated on the countertops or on the table. Spray out the countertops and everything that looks particularly dirty such as the oven or the refrigerator door.

Do a really quick rinse of the sink. Don’t leave any food or anything there because it can start to smell, attract bugs, and so on.

Not every night but every few days or so grab your vacuum and do a quick sweep around the kitchen.

5. Other useful tips

Buying an air filter for the kitchen will prove so efficient in some circumstances, especially if you cook really smelly food. An air filter will keep your kitchen smelling really fresh.

Organize your pantry and inside your refrigerator, if you haven’t done for a long while. Thus you can keep your kitchen in order.

So these are really quick and easy things to do on a regular basis to keep your kitchen clean.

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