Lorne Marr Interviewed in Forum: the Magazine for Financial Advisors

lorne-marr-insurance-awardsAtLorne Marr Interviewed in Forum: the Magazine for Financial Advisors, you will get an opportunity to read through Lorne Marr’s ideas on health matters. The magazine serializes suggestion and ideas that can help one keep fit.

On fitness, Marr argues that it is important to achieve a work life balance in both business and personal life. Involving family members in your business is one of the means you can create a balance between life and business. At some point, one has to dissociate himself from business activities and spend time with the family members. When certain goals have been achieved, one needs to involve his families in celebrating the results.

As a fitness guru, Marr involves himself in weightlifting and Tae Kwon Do activities. He also used to compete in bodybuilding activities in his youth years. He has successfully taken part in a number of competitions and tournaments. He is now contemplating going for a black strip. His policy is to train for five times in a week. He does weight lifting for three days and has two days reserved for taekwondo. On weekend, Marr spends his free time playing hockey and basketball.

On how Marr is able to get time to exercise given his busy schedule, he says that he has his workout time and business appointments scheduled. This is key in ensuring that one does not spend most of his time on one activity at the expense of the other.

The site provides plenty of ideas on the importance of living an active lifestyle. An active lifestyle will give you the energy and the confidence you need to face life challenges. The energy is necessary since it enhance your relationship with your family members and clients.

Visit lsminsurance.ca/life-insurance-canada/2005/11/forum-magazine, and learn how you can improve the quality of your life as you pursue your economic objectives. Learn how to set your goals and what to do to meet and achieve your objective.

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