10 Ways to Find the Perfect Home/Life Balance

ewdwqWe live in the age of knowledge, and this is making it easier for people to be consumed by their work. There is always something else that has to be done. However, any good business leader will tell you that nobody will ever end up at the final moments of their lives and wish they had the opportunity to be in the office more. For people like Infor CEO Charles Phillips, having your affairs in order properly at work means a better work/life balance as well. He has 10 tips to help people achieve that.

10 Ways to Have a Good Work/Life Balance

  1. Know your long term goals. Write your own dream eulogy, including what you want people to remember you for. Then look back and ask yourself what you’re doing to achieve that.
  2. Envision your perfect lifestyle. You have to know where you are going, so that you can figure out how to get there, and know when you have arrived. Focus on every element of your life for this, and you may even want to create a vision board.
  3. Focus your full attention on whatever it is you’re doing. At work, you should work, but when you leave the office, you should leave work behind you.
  4. Don’t multitask. When you start to multitask, it becomes more difficult to remain focus and more likely to make mistakes. When multitasking, we are actually 60% less productive overall. Better to do one thing at a time and have lots more time overall, in other words.
  5. Make plans for when to have time off and make sure you have at least two to four weeks per year off. Block it out at the start of a year and stick to it.
  6. Have two or three hours at work each day for true power. This means that you set yourself five or so priority tasks and focus on nothing else during your power time.
  7. Set goals, both professionally and personally. It is likely that around 75% of your current diary is dedicated to work. You need to change this and also dedicate some to your personal life, while still keeping your professional goals in sight as well.
  8. Delegate as much as possible. If you are a true leader, you will have surrounded yourself with an excellent team that you can trust. Utilize their skills by delegating to them.
  9. Exercise! You must lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your body fit and healthy. Go to the gym regularly. This will improve your personal life, because it is fun and makes you healthier, but your professional life as well, as you will be able to be more focused and energetic overall.
  10. Meditate. You have to take the time to do absolutely nothing, to think about absolutely nothing, and to enjoy that time. Try to meditate for at least 20 minutes each day. If you feel you don’t have time for that, then meditate for at least an hour each day.
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