5 Things to Look For In a Commercial Cleaning Company

-kitchen-sinksWhen it comes to choosing your commercial cleaning company, there are a number of essential things to look for.

We talk to “Vapor Clean“, a leading domestic and commercial cleaning company in the south west, to gain their top five things you should be looking for when choosing a commercial cleaning firm to work with.

No one wants to be on the receiving end of sub-standard, unreliable or overpriced service, so that’s why we’ve compiled this list of five of the key things to examine in any commercial cleaning company.

Depending on your business, company or services industry, you could be in the market for some intense, fairly constant deep cleaning, or just regular vacuuming and bin emptying. If you’re any kind of food or drink based business, it can all hinge on the cleanliness and overall hygiene of your establishment, and being found lacking can have brutal repercussions for you.

Drafting in a reliable commercial cleaning service can do wonders for your overall productivity and staff morale, with a high percentage of workers working much harder in cleaner, safer environments, and it can be especially worthwhile if you are currently delegating cleaning roles to your staff, nobody enjoys cleaning! Really, engaging with a commercial cleaning company is a form of outsourcing, and as such, at the right price and quality, can do wonders for your business and save you a bundle of funds to boot. Here are five key elements you need to evaluate within your new cleaning company.

Reliability and Trust

Being able to fully rely upon, and trust your cleaning company is a must. You never know when someone is going to leave the office door unlocked to the secure file storage area, or if you need the place super sparkling for the next day’s big meeting or health inspection. As well as this you should enquire about the treatment of their staff, because the way a company treats its workers is a show of its true nature, and will help you score a great, not to mention ethical commercial cleaning service.

Quality and Skill

Another key point to evaluate your potential cleaning company on is quality of service, and skill. Inherent in this is level of training given to staff, the quality of equipment and cleaning supplies they have access to and training to use and the general level of quality and skill throughout staff. As I previously said, there are industries, namely the food and drink ones, where poor cleaning can effectively kill a business, so knowing you’re getting the best possible cleaning service possible is hugely important.

Value, Offers and Contracts

When you’re looking at employing a commercial cleaning company long-term, you need to look at the different value and offers available between different companies, in order to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. No one likes getting ripped off, especially not when it’s in contract form and therefore a recurring occurrence. That’s why you need to evaluate on quality of service against cost, and come up with a reasonable appreciation for each company’s overall value.

Locality and Ease of Access

Being nearby to your cleaning service is pretty useful. It enables you greater trust in their reliability, and also the ability to check in with them and re-evaluate things at any time. Anything that makes the staff’s job easier will also guarantee you a better job done. Better ease of access to your areas requiring cleaning will allow staff to get in quicker, and therefore get the job done quicker.


For a small percentage of the time, on a regular basis, a substantial element of your business will be relying heavily on the commercial cleaning company you end up choosing. As such, it doesn’t hurt to seek some kind of guarantee from the various commercial cleaning services out there, and compare to find the best. Different companies will have different approaches when it comes to offering a guarantee, so asking is the best way to find out. If you do luck out and find a company that matches all the above criteria and is willing to put a guarantee on it, well done, you’ll have just saved your company a lot of cash and hassle in the coming future.

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