Health and safety issues in the plastic industry

Taizhuo_Jiutai_Plastic_Industry_Development_Co_LedWith the increasing number of plastic material manufacturing on the rise, its hazardous effects to the health of its workers are also pacing up. As per statistics, a large portion of the people work in the plastic industry and reportedly, there are some cases, where some bad health problems have been observed in these people due to the ill conditions of the plastic industry that is altering their health in many ways. Keeping in concern the past results, the various health and safety measures are to be kept in concern in the plastic industry, from the raw material selection processing to the plastic manufacturing and other applications of the plastic industry like the plastic injection moulding, where the plastic is being used as a raw material to attain the desired shaped molded objects of creative designs in the market.

Various health and safety risks that are prevalent in the plastic industry are prescribed as below:

  • Toxic chemicals: Various chemicals that are being used and produced as a by-product in the plastic industries such as for the plastic injection moulding process can damage the health of the workers to a great extent. These gases or vapors not only affect the health of workers being employed but, also to the health of the person who inhales the hazardous air. Any being exposed to the chemicals will be in danger.
  • Manual working: The handling of the various manufacturing steps in the plastic industry is the biggest cause of injuries to the employees. The nature of the materials causes harm problems to the human health. The manual handling activities can make the people at their long lasting health risk.
  • Excessive noise: As various machineries are being used in the industry, the infuriating noise of the machines makes its workers numb and deaf sometimes. The high levels of noise that are above the safety limit can make their brain work abnormally and change their general behavior to an extent.

In order to ensure the health and safety of the workers being employed at the plastic industries, some preventive measures are taken now days to ascertain a better health and thus, a better future to them. The workers are provided with efficient instruments and equipments that can make them away from the harmful chemical and its effect on their health. They are provided with the respirators, ear plugs etc. the protective gloves are provided while handling with the hazardous chemicals in the industry. To protect their eyes from the high radiations, protective sun glasses or eye wears are being used. But, even these types of protection wears are used in very few factories and if used, even then are not so comfortable to the workers and cannot provide full protection to them because of their poor resistibility for the purpose for which they have been employed. These problems are prevalent to the workers not only for the temporary basis but, for the permanent basis and they have to suffer for their whole lifetime. In order to save some petty money, the companies do not provide the preventive equipments to the workers for their betterment of life and health. The uptake of any kind of chemical cause abnormal health status of the body and any damage to their health can not only damage them but, their families also in a great sense.


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