5 Reasons Your Business Needs Cloud-Based ERP

Competitiveness. It’s the watchword for businesses of any size, and in every industry. if you aren’t able to keep up, technology-wise and in every other way, your competitors and customers will leave you behind. Comprehensive Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) like Netsite ERP helps you manage your essential business functions like inventory control and customer service, seamlessly and from any location.

If your company isn’t already taking advantage of this solution, here are five reasons you should.


Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s hard for companies to keep up. That means that your system security may be hopelessly outdated. With a cloud-based ERP, security is one of the primary considerations. Cloud-based ERPs allow your data to be protected by state-of-the-art security and accessed from any location without risk of theft or exposure to viruses or malware.

Data Migration

Legacy apps are one of the biggest barriers to functionality right now. Obsolete legacy code is causing business processes to run slower, if at all, and parsing the data for evaluation is time-consuming and prone to errors. With cloud-based systems, your apps are constantly monitored and upgraded so you can focus on business.


Down time costs money. Maintaining equipment or adding infrastructure costs money. When you no longer have these concerns, you can focus on making money instead of spending it. As he cost of doing business continues to rise, those who who are able to work harder with less effort and less overhead expense are the ones that will thrive. Having more control over budgets, better analysis and mor timely information to make decisions also adds to your bottom line.


Not having to maintain or upgrade systems also allows more agility. ERP servers can use advanced tech like machine learning and AI to intuitively scale your processes up or down by responding to market trends or business growth, leaving you with all of the benefits.

Less Risk of Business Disruption or Down Time

Smaller businesses don’t have to budget in place for constant upgrades, and no business can afford to shut down due to tech errors or system overhauls. Cloud-based ERP has a mechanism built-in to be proactive and head problems off before they become problems. When your only business is providing a service that your customers count on, reputable ERP providers have no choice but to deliver.

No matter if you run a small company or a large corporation, you can’t afford to let technology pass your by. The decision to change the way to access and use information is never an easy one, but once you make the switch to a cloud-based solution, you’ll wonder why you waited.

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