Got Mobile? Your Business May be Missing Out on Opportunities Without Mobile Capability

If you have an online business, it is likely that you have exhausted every option at your disposal to get qualified traffic and turn that into conversions: SEO, paid advertising, backlinks, and more.

But have you considered a mobile app?

The common perception is that developing a mobile app is an expensive undertaking, cumbersome, and hard to get right. With modern software technology and a host of independent software providers, however, creating one for your company has never been easier.

Here are a few reasons to consider going mobile today.

  1. Big Data Integration

Just how much are people engaging with your brand? Advanced website software can tell you which pages on your app are most popular among customers and how long people stay on each page, as well as when they close a page and quit the app. Big data is one of the technologies that are driving business today, and having your own specific mobile capabilities gives you a wealth of knowledge that can help you identify your areas of weakness as well as potential opportunities for growth.

Until recently, data pulled from an internet-based resource has been insufficient and inefficient for companies. Having an app allows you to be fully in control of vital information about customer trends and your most effective campaigns. This can allow you to develop better content that will speak to your end user more specifically.

  1. A Direct Engagement Channel

Unlike social media platforms, having your mobile capabilities allows you to market directly to the consumer, providing an all-in-one space for you to put your products in front of their eyeballs. No matter what kind of information you would want to send – operating hours, promotions, blog content, etc. – it will all be available at the push of a button.

One of the best perks of mobile app development and the kind of engagement it brings is the ability to enable push notifications, which are opened at a respectable 3% rate. Smartphone alerts can be highly effective ways of informing users of new products, offers, upcoming events and abandoned shopping carts.

In addition to faster inquiries and sales, direct engagement with a mobile app can also give your customers an interactive, personalized platform on which they can participate in promotional activities, invite their friends, save shopping lists and rate your products without the messiness of a website.

  1. Communication

Smartphones have become the first choice for all communication activities, including voice, text and video chats, and there’s no better way for businesses to harness this potential than with apps. An ideal mobile application will have all the necessary features your customers would need to contact you in one place to ensure fast and unhindered communication at all times.

  1. Branding and Recognition

Developing a brand awareness is a numbers game. On the whole, potential customers need to see or hear about your brand about 20 times before they’re willing to buy what you’re selling. What could be easier than having an app directly on their phone? A mobile app is like a digital billboard sign that, if utilized correctly, can be a useful tool for selling your brand.Not only do you get to control the design of the app, but you also control the information inside, how it is presented, and how long it sticks with your customers.

  1. Standing Out

Mobile apps are in full swing among big companies, but the number of small businesses that have an app is still a relatively small crowd. As stated above, most believe that they’re too expensive and won’t advance your business, but this perception creates a wide-open business opportunity for you, not only within your specific industry but the world at large.

A mobile app can give you a chance you prove your worth in a competitive market by offering your customers a straightforward in-app experience, a streamlined checkout process, multiple payment options, and other enticing features. Investing in innovation will always look great, regardless of your type of business.

Having strong mobile capabilities is key in a world where people check their phones 150 times a day on average. It fosters a strong sense of loyalty to your business that other companies can’t match, and is, therefore, the logical next step past developing a strong social media following and a healthy and engaged e-mail list.

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