What Do Business Owners Need To Know About Expungement Cases?

There may come circumstances when you are asked to submit information about your background. At many places, you may need to submit a background certificate while applying for the job of a teacher, or casino employee, while taking a law license, and the list goes on. Also, while applying for any job, you may need to disclose your criminal history, and the same rules apply when you start a business. Proper background verification is mandatory at many places to get a professional license for various business types.

The below business needs background verification, but not limited to:

  • Acupuncture business,
  • Veterinary business,
  • Real Estate business,
  • Chiropractic business,
  • Locksmithing business.

The above list is very small and is given for your reference only. The licensing board will investigate your background in these businesses before allowing you to practice or start a related business.

Fortunately, there is a way to achieve success in this. Many people want to move on from their past despite their criminal record. It is possible to delete criminal records to live a productive and successful life as a business owner.

Let’s know about the Expungement process

The expungement process implies that the documents showing your criminal record will be ‘extracted’ and will no longer appear in the search result when the licensing board runs a background check for you. Although it never means that the offense has been forgiven, it implies that you don’t need to reveal your offense once it is extracted.

Individuals caught in non-violent crimes related to drugs can apply to expunge their records. However, this process is very tedious and time-consuming. You need to file a petition, and the court will check the details of the crime you want to delete from the record. You may need to go back and forth with the agencies that record your offense, especially when the crime has happened in different counties.

Steps to expunge your criminal record

  • Speak with the attorney to know the eligibility of your expungement.
  • Fetch the records of your offense from relevant agencies.
  • Prepare and file the petition for expungement.
  • Attend all the court hearings.
  • Once approved, submit the notice to the relevant agencies.

It would help if you were patient while dealing with the expungement case. You not only need to find the agencies which contain the records, but you also need to request them to process them. These steps take a lot of time; hence it is better to start early. Also, it will take time for the judge to review your petition for expungement. Your assigned judge can approve your petition or ask you to submit more evidence revealing why your petition should be approved.

Once the process is complete, you again need to notify the relevant agencies regarding the approval of your expungement. Agencies will only erase the record when they receive a legal notice.

You might wonder whether it is worth doing all such things, but you should consider the stress-free life you can live without any criminal record. A hindrance like an old criminal record that can limit you from starting your own business will surely limit your income potential for your whole life. You can hire an attorney to navigate such a process efficiently; he can let you know about the timeline of this process.

Talk with an efficient expungement attorney now!

The expungement process is a way to let individuals get a fresh start despite their criminal history. Through such a process, they can achieve success in their business ventures. As the laws keep changing, it is always advisable to hire an experienced attorney. But ensure that you hire a lawyer who knows your state’s rules. For instance, if the offense has happened in Santa Fe, NM, you must look for Santa Fe expungement attorneys who can help you in this journey.

Check the lawyer’s reputation before hiring and their experience in this field. Let’s expunge your criminal record and start a new life!

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