4 Tips for Your Call Center Employees

Working in a call center can be a thankless job, but it’s still one that you should strive to do right. Your employees should be focused on providing a high-quality, high-value service to everyone who phones in, and they should have focused training to prepare them for the task. If you’re an owner or manager ready to take your call center to the next level, here are just a few tips to pass along to your workers.

1. Relax the Script

Scripts can be useful tools for keeping your employees focused, but if you demand absolute adherence to their lines and jargon, they can also become stifling confines that prevent employees from engaging with their customers on a meaningful level. Don’t get rid of your guidelines entirely, but don’t punish your people for veering off-track if the situation requires it.

2. Use Personal Details

Every employee should be trained in basic database use so that they can bring up names, accounts and order histories for their customers on the phone. Not only will this improve call times and prevent redundant information-taking, but it will also show your customers that you care. Using someone’s first name can make all the difference in customer satisfaction.

3. Focus on Solutions

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised by how many cell center employees are trained in conflict suppression rather than conflict solution. Instead of actually solving their customers’ problems, they just want to end the call as quickly as possible without bothering a manager or running past their recommended call times. It may take systematic changes to fix this attitude, but they’re worth it in the long run.

4. Ask the Experts

There’s no shame in reaching out for third-party help if you feel like your own efforts aren’t resulting in the kind of change that you’d like to see. Call center consulting services can assist you with everything from training your employees to analyzing their efficacy, so bring in the professionals if you could use a helping hand. Sometimes the perspective of an outsider is what’s needed to solve a problem objectively.

These are just a few tips for happier and more engaged call center employees. If you’re serious about improving the value of your call center services, it starts with the people working there. Good luck!

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