4 Ways to Run a Better Golf Club


While it’s true that a golf club should be a relaxing haven where players can retreat to in their free time, it’s important that you as the owner remember it’s also a business. That said, the members of your club are more than just sports lovers who enjoy a round in good company once in a while. They’re also customers, so it’s important to keep this mind. The following tips can help take some of the guesswork out of the process.

1. Serve Top-Notch Refreshments

Private club members are going to expect more from your establishment than overpriced hot dogs and hamburgers when they’re in the mood for a nosh, so definitely make sure food and drinks are a high enough priority. The posher and more exclusive your club is, the better the food needs to be. Make sure your choices in menu items, prep methods, and kitchen staff reflect these standards.

2. Offer Services of Value

The most successful golf clubs offer players exceptional customer care that makes them feel just like family. However, they also offer basic services that help them maintain their equipment or even get better at the game they love. Consider offering basic equipment maintenance and repair work (e.g. grip replacement) as a perk for members. Most tasks only take a second, but they make a huge difference in someone’s overall experience. Instructional programs and on-site pros to help players that are still learning the ins and outs of the game are good ideas as well.

3. Bring in Professional Management Services

There’s a real finesse to helping a golf club reach its full potential, so it pays to take advantage of outside resources like professional club advisory services. They can help you with everything from budgeting, to staffing, to course design and maintenance. They know what works from extensive experience, so they’ll know exactly what creative and practical solutions would make a difference for your club.

4. Facilitate Optimal Course Flow

The secret to golf courses that provide consistently positive, tranquil experiences is adequate monitoring and maintenance, but many club managers don’t focus enough attention here. Keep a close eye on the average pace of play for your course, and deal with potential issues (like overgrown brush or a lack of adequate marshaling) promptly.

Keeping your golf club running smoothly is all about setting high standards for yourself and your staff, as well as working continuously to see that they’re maintained. How will you make your club even better, smoother, and more inviting than it already is?

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