4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Opening a Golf Club

Saying that golf is a popular sport is really quite the understatement. With a whopping 20 million people and counting listing it among their favorite pastimes, it makes sense that a would-be entrepreneur might consider opening a golf club of their own at some point. As is the case with any business though, it’s essential that you have a solid plan in place before officially moving forward. Asking yourself the following questions first can help.

1. “Is a golf club truly a good fit for me?”

The best golf clubs are run by people who not only love golf but are very well-versed in what differentiates a successful, highly playable golf course from one that’s fair to middling at best. A strong, varied background in business is also essential, as golf clubs encompass many experiences that span multiple industries. In addition to design and landscaping concerns for the course itself, the club is likely to have a restaurant, include an on-site retail shop, and serve as a venue for multiple types of events as well. A good potential golf club owner is prepared for all of this.

2. “What is my vision for my future golf club?”

If you’re thinking seriously about starting a golf club, it’s vital that you have a clear vision of what you want your club to be like not only as a business but as an experience. Consider what you’ve personally liked most and least about courses, clubs, and resorts you’ve visited in the past. Come up with a solid mission for your club and develop a plan for making it everything you know a great club should be.

3. “Have I secured the right management?”

Golf is so much more than just a sport or a way to kill time for those that love it enough to join a golf club. From the quality of the food served in the clubhouse, to the events it hosts, to the view from the green itself, it’s a full-scale experience that needs to be perfectly on point in every way. Recreating something like that for your clientele requires the right golf club management team, so definitely give some thought to who you partner with in this regard.

4. “How will I be covering the costs?”

Opening a golf club that pulls out all the stops isn’t a cheap endeavor, so make sure you have all your bases covered as far as funding goes before you move forward with your plans. Make sure you factor costs attached to designing the course, handling the irrigation, and so forth into your plans. You’ll be glad you did!

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